Ofer Yardeni

Chairman & CEO
Stonehenge Partners
1675 Broadway 21st Floor
New York, NY 10019

The ladies led Ofer Yardeni to real estate. He began his career as a real estate broker in 1986 after moving to New York City and realizing that every woman he met had parents in the industry. After getting his brokers license, he founded Yardeni Investments, which represented owners in commercial and residential real estate sales. In 1994, he co-founded Stonehenge Partners with Joel Seiden, and today the firm manages more than two dozen residential buildings in Manhattan.

In 2013, Yardeni switched positions from managing partner to co-chairman and CEO during the Stonehenge's executive shake-up. Yardeni hasn't been averse to shaking things up himself. In 2014 he called the High Line renovation project completely overrated and gave dire warnings about New York's residential market, calling it a bubble ready to pop.

Yardeni, an Israeli ex-soldier, graduated from Tel Aviv University with a bachelors in history. He has lectured on real estate at New York University, has been a fixture on The Stoler Report discussing the real estate market, is a director of the Rabin Medical Center in Israel, and also has been an active member of the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.

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