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Raphael Toledano

Brookhill Properties
777 Third Avenue, 25th Floor
New York, NY 10017
(646) 762-7436

Raphael Toledano is the founder and principal of Brookhill Properties, a New York City-based real estate investment firm, and the nephew of Aaron Jungreis, a broker for Rosewood Realty Group. Toledano got his start in real estate as a broker at Lawrence, NY-based Weissman Realty Group. He made the jump to investor in 2013 and in 2015 his firm acquired a portfolio of 16 buildings from the Tabak family for $97 million and a 39-unit residential building at 125 West 16th Street in Chelsea for $41.5 million. The Tabak deal prompted his uncle, Jungreis, to sue Toledano for cutting him out of a transaction that was supposed to be a joint-venture between the two. Toledano is married to Devorah Toledano. The management company Toledano employed at 444 East 13th Street, Goldmark Property Management, has been accused of threatening or intimidating rent stabilized tenants in order to create unit vacancies.

...for two brash younger bucks: Michael Shvo and Raphael Toledano. Waiters wearing Tom Ford tuxes push little trolleys that carry prime rib for tableside...

...Raphael Toledano and 125 West 16th Street Raphael Toledano is in contract to sell a six-story Chelsea rental building, the single-most valuable property...

The industry news you need to start your week, and what's ahead....

...Raphael Toledano and 393 West End Avenue Hyperkinetic landlord Raphael Toledano, whose alleged methods in evicting tenants from rent-stabilized apartments made him a major target...

...From left: Michael Shah, 97 2nd Avenue and Raphael Toledano In an ongoing tussle over an 11-unit building on Second Avenue, Raphael Toledano filed...

...out for loans it provided to controversial landlord Raphael Toledano. ANHD and its allies had launched a public advocacy campaign to put pressure on...

...Raphael Toledano and 97 2nd Avenue Raphael Toledano is going to bankruptcy court to try to regain control of an East Village...

...that makes headlines. Such was the case with Raphael Toledano at 444 East 13th Street, where rent-stabilized tenants charged that the controversial broker-turned-landlord’s management...

...and for a profile of controversial young landlord Raphael Toledano. Clarke also won a silver award for best collection of work by an individual...

...th Street, 223 East 5th Street, 514 East 12th Street, Raphael Toledano and Josh Zegen UPDATED, May 19, 11:55 p.m.: A federal bankruptcy judge approved a final...

...th Street, 223 East 5th Street, 514 East 12th Street, Raphael Toledano and Josh Zegen A federal bankruptcy court judge granted approval Friday for Madison Realty...

...Street, 223 East 5th Street, 514 East 12th Street and Raphael Toledano UPDATED, 4:00 p.m., March 29: An affiliate of Raphael Toledano's Brookhill Properties filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy...

...foreclose on an East Village portfolio owned by Raphael Toledano. But Toledano, sources told TRD, is engineering a sale of the portfolio to Jeff...

...From left: Raphael Toledano, Howard Lutnick and Harry Macklowe (Credit: Michael McWeeney and Getty Images) For whom the...

...From left: Raphael Toledano, Josh Zegen, Joseph Sutton and a map of the East Village Madison Realty Capital...

...an East Village apartment building after its owner, Raphael Toledano, defaulted on a $34 million loan -- offering a taste of how multifamily investing can...

...From left: Raphael Toledano, 125 West 16th Street and Josh Zegen Madison Realty Capital is moving to foreclose on...

...Hightower, the retail space at 650 Fifth Avenue, and Raphael Toledano (credit: Michael McWeeney) In many Eastern societies, the arranged marriage is still a thing...

...From left: Raphael Toledano, 253 East 10th Street and 27 St. Mark's Place in the East Village Raphael Toledano is...

...date. Previously, Madison's largest loans were $124 million for Raphael Toledano...

...left: 218-220 East 27th Street in Kips Bay, Raphael Toledano (credit: Michael McWeeney), and 58 St. Mark's Place in the East Village Raphael Toledano’s...

...just wants to be loved, 325 East 12th Street, Raphael Toledano and residents and passerby in line to get free ice cream UPDATED, August 5, 3:27 p...

...From left: Raphael Toledano (credit: Michael McWeeney), 27 St. Mark's Place and 66 East 7th Street in the East Village...

...and owns at least 522 units in the neighborhood. Raphael Toledano’s Brookhill Properties, which owns about 400 units in the East Village, was fourth on...

...Raphael Toledano (Photo by Michael McWeeney) From the June issue: Raphael Toledano has difficulty staying still...
  • Event Sales
  • Address 3191 Rochambeau Avenue
  • Neighborhood Norwood
  • Borough Bronx
  • Square feet 75,610
  • Price $ 9,440,000
  • Price per foot $ 124.85
The building sold for $9.435 million. Additional information: 6 stories, 60 residential units, 75,610 sf
  • Event Sales
  • Address 530 Parkside Avenue 179 Linden Boulevard
  • Neighborhood Midtown
  • Borough Brooklyn
  • Price $ 28,600,000
  • Event Sales
  • Address 2530-2536 Foster Avenue
  • Neighborhood Flatbush
  • Borough Brooklyn
  • Price $ 2,800,000
  • Event Sales
  • Address 369 Ocean Avenue
  • Neighborhood Flatbush
  • Borough Brooklyn
  • Price $ 2,400,000
  • Event Sales
  • Address 2300 Kings Highway
  • Neighborhood Midwood
  • Borough Brooklyn
  • Price $ 4,700,000
  • Event Sales
  • Building Name 575, 579, 583 and 587 West 177th Street
  • Address 587 West 177th Street
  • Neighborhood Washington Heights
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Price $ 9,400,000
The properties sold for $9.4 million.
  • Event Sales
  • Address 575, 579, 583 and 587 West 177th Street
  • Neighborhood Washington Heights
  • Borough Manhattan
  • Price $ 9,400,000