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Rhona Graff

Vice President, Assistant to the President
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10022
(212) 836-3248

It's hard to imagine Donald Trump needs anybody to speak for him in his role as head of the Trump Organization, but if he needed a mouthpiece, Rhona Graff would be it. Both gatekeeper and his very loyal secretary, as Trump told the New York Times, Graff has worked for Trump for almost 30 years.

She is also gatekeeper for those looking to talk with Trump, and gives acquaintances a code system for when they call. She also occasionally offers quotes to the press as Trump Organization spokeswoman and serves as intermediary on business deals when Trump is traveling. Graff appeared on the first few seasons of Trump's reality show "The Apprentice," and she worked with producers to coordinate contestant tasks.

Graff worked in sports marketing before landing her job with Trump on a whim, showing up at the employment office and taking a chance on the only position available, a secretarial one. Graff graduated from Queens College and has a master's degree in education. She has contributed as a writer to Inside Tennis magazine.

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