Robert LiMandri

Senior Principal
360 Park Avenue South, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 689-5389

Robert LiMandri is the former commissioner of the New York City Department of Buildings and current senior principal for Vidaris, a building construction consultancy. He became DOB commisioner in April 2008, a time near the end of the most recent building boom when the department was in disarray and crisis. Weeks before, seven people were killed when a crane fell at a condo at 303 East 51st Street. The accident prompted the resignation of then-commissioner Patricia Lancaster after it came out that an inspector had faked a key report.

Even after LiMandri took over, problems persisted; in May of 2008, a crane collapsed at a condo at 333 East 91st Street, killing two people. Nevertheless, LiMandri was appointed commissioner of the department in October of that year.

In response to a total of 19 construction site fatalities in 2008, compared with 12 in 2007, LiMandri increased stop-work orders, issuing nearly 5,000 more than 2007s 10,132. He also introduced new site rules to augment recently-revised construction and building codes.

In 2010, LiMandri announced that construction-related accidents in New York City had declined 28 percent compared to the previous year, a decrease that the city attributed to stricter safety requirements and greater outreach to the members of the industry. Others suggested the decline was influenced by a decrease in new construction from the previous year.