Rubin Schron

Cammeby's International
45 Broadway
New York, NY
(212) 514-5968

Rubin Schron, who goes by Ruby, is a New York City real estate investor, landlord and the founder of Cammeby's International Group. He owns property worth over $10 billion, according to data company Real Capital Analytics.

The portfolio of Cammeby's, which Schron founded in 1967, includes office buildings, market-rate and government-subsidized apartment complexes, nursing homes, the 16-building complex in Sunset Park now known as Industry City, a stake in the bottom half of Woolworth Building and industrial properties across 14 states.

In 2013, Schron made an unsolicited and unsuccessful offer to buy the Empire State Building for $2 billion, but he has not had problems closing many other deals throughout his long career. In 2003, an investment group led by Schron paid $600 million for a portfolio of about 6,000 outer-borough apartments from the family of Donald Trump. Other buildings he owns include the Monterey, a 521-unit rental multifamily building on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Over the decades, Schron has also amassed a portfolio of Mitchell-Lama apartment buildings whose values have skyrocketed after reverting to market rate when government subsidies expired. In 2007, he sold nearly 4,000 units of former Mitchell-Lama properties in five complexes in Harlem and on Roosevelt Island for $940 million.

After Albany passed its massive overhaul of rent regulations in 2019, Cammeby's, which owns more than 12,000 rental units in New York City alone, spearheaded a major lobbying and campaign finance effort to roll back parts of the new law and oust the progressive politicians who pushed it through.

Schron practices Orthodox Judaism and has eight children and 50 grandchildren. He and his family have lived in the same single-family home in Brooklyn for decades. Schron grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.