Thomas Farrell

Vice President
430 Park Avenue, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Thomas Farrell is vice president at Savanna private equity firm, where he oversees the firms fundraising efforts, liaises with its institutional investors, and serves as one of the primary representatives for the firm in news stories and press releases.

Savanna focused much of its early efforts on class-B buildings, but Farrell has helped the firm acquire and modernize several class-A trophy office buildings, including the boutique property at 576 Fifth Avenue in 2012 and the $110 million sale of 386 Park Avenue South. He was also involved in the firms acquisition and renovation of 434 Broadway, helping to expand the nine-story building and upgrade its exterior, sprinkler, and safety systems.

Prior to joining Savanna in 2008, Farrell worked at real estate consulting firm K. Backus & Associates, as well as two years in the New York City Mayors Office of Operations. Farrell graduated from McGill University, where he received a bachelors in political science, and New York University, where he received a masters in real estate and graduated with honors.

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