Wang Jianlin

Dalian Wanda Group
Tower B, Wanda Plaza, No. 93 Jianguo Road
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022
(010) 85853888

Born in 1954 as the son of a Red Army veteran in the Sichuan province city of Chengdu, Wang began his career in the military. In 1970, when he was only 15, he joined an army unit in the remote desert region of Inner Mongolia. He made it to the rank of cadre, a military officer who trains soldiers, by the age of 28, according to Wealth-X research, but was decommissioned in the mid-’80s. He then briefly joined the provincial government in the northern city of Dalian as an office director before  getting hired by the then-struggling development company Dalian Xigang, which would later become Dalian Wanda.
Wang made his first fortune building shopping centers for China’s rising middle class, and successively built up Dalian Wanda into a real estate conglomerate. Wang’s shares in the Dalian Wanda Group and its subsidiary Dalian Wanda Commercial Properties are worth a combined $25.6 billion, according to Wealth-X, and he also owns a $2.2 billion stake in AMC Loews. Wang is the richest man in China and the first Chinese man to crack the top 20 of Forbes' Billionaires list.