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342 West 71st Street

342 West 71st Street
New York, NY 10023
Residential, Leasing/Rental

342 West 71st Street is a 34,312 square foot property built in 1900 in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Manhattan. The property has 1 unit and has an occupancy classification of "Single room occupancy - 1 or 2 people housed in individual rooms in multiple dwelling affordable housing."

  • Address 342 West 71st Street
  • neighborhood Lincoln Square
  • borough Manhattan
  • owner Icon Realty Management
  • owner entity 342 WEST 71 REALTY LLC
  • floors 7
  • Year Built 1900
  • total units 1
  • square feet 34,312
  • block and lot 1-01182-0049
  • BIN 1030942