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640 Park Avenue

640 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Residential, Sales, Co-op, Multifamily
640 Park Avenue
  • Address 640 Park Avenue
  • neighborhood Lenox Hill
  • borough Manhattan
  • owner entity 642 PARK AVENUE CORPO
  • floors 12
  • Year Built 1914
  • residential units 12
  • commercial units 2
  • total units 14
  • square feet 95,615
  • block and lot 1-01381-0035
  • BIN 1041175

...640 Park Avenue Stanley Cayre, whose family runs real estate investment firm Midtown...

...From left: Serena Boardman, Nancy Elias, John Burger and 640 Park Avenue Price: $23,000,000 Listing Broker: Serena Boardman of Sotheby’s International Realty...

...A $26 million co-op listed with Serena Boardman at 640 Park Avenue 1. Serena Boardman of Sotheby’s is highest-grossing NYC broker on...

...Having recently forked out $20 million for a second floor-unit at 640 Park Avenue, billionaire private equity mogul J. Christopher Flowers may be trying...

...Slope of Hong Kong? 8. Private-equity investor J. Christopher Flowers buys 640 Park Avenue co-op for $20M 9. Brooklyn restaurateur to offer the Water Table...

...proceedings over Lehman's Archstone bid 5. Examining the history of 97-year-old 640 Park Avenue, and its "mansionlike" apartments 6. Unreliable appraisals for commercial properties are...

...units currently on the market, including a six-bedroom co-op at 640 Park Avenue and one at 755 Park Avenue, which are listed for $23.5 million...

...magazine arriving 10. Tenement museum getting new visitors center Tuesday 11. 640 Park Avenue apartment on market for $29 million 12. Harlem photographer creates doppelganger photos...

...sell for $19M 3. Condos in the Time Warner Center and 640 Park Avenue both close for $20.5M 4. $25 entrance fee for Sept. 11 memorial and...

...New York trading 11. Hotel heir Alexander Tisch buys co-op at 640 Park Avenue...

...census 2. 12,400-square-foot duplex combo now a possibility for $48M at 640 Park Avenue 3. High-end home sales surge in Greenwich, Conn. 4. Chef Marc Murphy...

...Brothers CEO Dick Fuld’s sale 16-room co-op apartment at 640 Park Avenue for $25.87 million, almost $5 million more than he bought it for...

...third priciest unit is a four-bedroom, six-bathroom co-op unit at 640 Park Avenue, with a listing price of $26 million. Kathy Sloane, an agent...

...Brothers CEO Dick Fuld sold his 16-room cooperative apartment at 640 Park Avenue at 66th Street for $25.87 million, making a profit of almost...

...Fuld and his wife Kathleen's 6,200-square-foot, $21 million co-op apartment at 640 Park Avenue may soon come on the market. While the couple has...

Against the backdrop of Manhattan’s severe inventory shortage, the borough’s largest firms are working to leverage a new crop of condos and high prices in...