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    Hotel Pennsylvania

    401 Seventh Avenue
    New York, NY 10001

    The 1,700-room hotel at 701 Seventh Avenue, across from the original Penn Station has been targeted for demolition several times, as owner Vornado Realty Trust considers building a 3-million-square-foot, 68-story office tower, a project known as 15 Penn Plaza, on the site. Vornado originally scrapped the plan in 2007 after Merrill Lynch decided not to lease space for new trading floors; in 2013 the REIT said it would launch a $300 million renovation, then in August 2014 Vornado said it might revive plans for the 15 Penn Plaza tower. Preservationists are seeking to preserve the 22-story hotel, which dates from 1917.

    Vornado controls about 9 million square feet in the Penn Plaza area, with buildings such as One Penn Plaza and Two Penn Plaza; its holdings include about 780,000 square feet of retail space. About 600,000 commuters pass through Penn Station daily, in addition to tourists drawn by attractions such as Madison Square Garden.


    • Address 401 Seventh Avenue
    • neighborhood Penn Plaza
    • borough Manhattan
    • owner Vornado Realty Trust
    • owner entity GRAPSTEIN
    • floors 23
    • Year Built 1917
    • square feet 1,213,324
    • block and lot 1-00808-7501
    • BIN 1015191
    • Event Retail Leasing
    • Address 401 Seventh Avenue
    • Neighborhood Penn Plaza
    • Borough Manhattan
    • Square feet 24,881
    • Publication Date 08/20/2018
    • Event Date 08/13/2018
    • Party 1 401 Commercial LLC
    • Party 2 Candytopia
    • Party 2 Brokerage Winick Realty Group
    • Party 2 Broker Ian Zimmerman
    The candy museum inked a lease for the Penn Plaza space.