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    Trump Plaza

    167 East 61st Street
    New York, NY 10065
    Hotel, Residential, Sales

    Trump Plaza in Lenox Hill is a large residential building with coveted views. The building, which was erected in 1983, was also coveted by nearby developers. Two years after opening, another condominium building tried to mimic the glassy look of Trump Plaza, and owner Donald Trump filed suit to ensure the new projects facade looked different. The case was settled out of court, but the second buildingwhich was also designed by Philip Birnbaum & Associatesended up resembling Trump Tower. The 39-story condo also until recently had a unique, and troubling, problem for residents: it didnt own the land underneath the building. In 2014, after the lands owner put up the land for sale, the co-op board agreed to pay $185 million for the underlying land, which will be paid for through resident assessments of $1 million or more. Some residents moved out after the move, feeling they were squeezed by the board. The buildings lease on the underlying land was to reset in 2024.

    • Address 167 East 61st Street
    • neighborhood Lenox Hill
    • borough Manhattan
    • owner entity TRUMP PLAZA OWNERS, INC.
    • floors 39
    • residential units 176
    • commercial units 7
    • total units 183
    • square feet 21,087
    • block and lot 1-00139-6033
    • Event Retail Leasing
    • Address Trump Plaza
    • Neighborhood Midtown
    • Borough Manhattan
    • Square feet 1,000
    • Publication Date 08/01/2005
    • Event Date 06/17/2005
    • Party 1 Donald Trump
    • Party 1 Brokerage Mogull Realty
    • Party 1 Broker Kim Mogull
    • Party 2 Fine Jewelry by Jerry Cohen
    • Party 2 Brokerage Mogull Realty
    • Party 2 Broker Kim Mogull
    Jeweler takes space