Hottest Neighborhoods With Opportunity Zone Properties in NYC

    Opportunity Zones are a game changer when it comes to real estate investments. The buzz around Opportunity Zones is deafening, so let’s take a moment to separate the wheat from the chaff and identify some of the neighborhoods that stand to benefit the most from this new legislation.

    The OZ program is new, so in order to determine how active each market is we will take a look at how well those neighborhoods fared last year. Here is a list of some of the hottest Opportunity Zone neighborhoods in New York City.


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    Brooklyn boasts the highest amount of Opportunity Zone properties in the city. Mixed-use buildings and multifamily apartments made up a substantial portion of all commercial property sales in Brooklyn. The Sunset Park  neighborhood led the pack in sales, with Gowanus, Crown Heights, Bushwick, and East NY following close behind. Many of these neighborhoods are already on the way up, like Bushwick, and incoming OZ investments will likely continue their ascendancy as work/live destinations in New York City.


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    The easternmost borough in the city, Queens, also had its share of Opportunity Zone sales. Long Island City, Jamaica, and Far Rockaway all saw significant development in areas that were later designated as Opportunity Zones. While most of the OZ properties in other boroughs are currently in use, the majority of property sales in Queens were vacant properties. Queens has a storied history and is home to many diverse neighborhoods that you can only find in NYC.


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    The Bronx neighborhoods of Mott Haven, Hunts Point, and Longwood all saw substantial growth. Neighborhoods like Belmont, University, and East Morris also saw a rise in total transactions, though not as pronounced. The Bronx has a reputation the world over as the birthplace of hip-hop and houses a wide variety of cultural and artistic influences to rival any world city.


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    The only neighborhood with OZ properties in Manhattan that saw serious growth in 2018 property sales was Harlem. East Harlem and Washington saw some increase but far less than Harlem. Most OZ zones are in less-developed areas which accounts for the lower number of available properties in Manhattan.

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