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    Exquisite timepieces and jewelry can elevate your life. Rare objects of beauty, mechanical marvels, and the traditional marker of status and celebration – these say a lot about you.

    But investing in great watches and precious jewelry can feel overwhelming, and can even be intimidating. Many may not know the difference between a quartz watch and a mechanical watch, what the four C’s stand for when evaluating the quality of diamonds, what a complication is, or more whimsical details, such as how to pronounce “Jaeger leCoultre.”

    At Wempe, we have been selling exquisite timepieces for almost one hundred and forty years, and with our new How To Videos, we share some secrets with you about how you can make such purchases a wonderful, joyous experience, and as free from risk as possible. With us, your options are broad, limited only by your style and needs. In fact, at Wempe’s flagship boutique in New York City, located on Fifty-Fifth and Fifth – you have 2,500 timepiece options at any given time, and a broad range of jewelry, including superb diamonds, and precious gems. That’s a lot of choice. Let us simplify this for you.

    Here are our top three tips from the guide, created for The Real Deal:

    1. Pick Watches and Jewelry that Suit Your Style & Lifestyle.

    Any luxury item should exquisitely marry beauty and function. Think about when you’ll be wearing your new bauble, or your new watch, and how these will integrate with your lifestyle. A diver’s watch, for example, is designed for water activities, while other sport models are geared toward aviation, automotive racing, etc. A dress watch is designed for the office or evening attire.

    Think about the details that make a watch unique – do you prefer the feel of a soft and natural rubber band, the intimacy of a genuine leather strap or confidence of a metal bracelet? Are the size and weight comfortable, and does the watch have longevity? Round dial or square? And what size dial do you prefer?

    Similarly, diamonds can be both an every day item, or feature in a show-stopping evening piece. Only YOU know what you love, what you do, and what you need. When you enter our world, these are the questions we ask first, to hone in on your ideal fit and guide you towards the perfect piece for you.

    2. Pick the Right Retailer: 

    You are making a major purchase, so first and foremost, make sure you choose an authorized retailer. Buying a luxury timepiece or jewel should always come with certificates, and watches must come with the original warranty from the manufacturer. Like cars, watches are living objects that demand care and upkeep. Over time, this means that your mechanical timepiece will require maintenance. Whether or not you live in the city in which your watch was purchased, a warranty will ensure you a peace of mind, in case your watch needs any technical intervention within the warranty period.  At Wempe, we provide our own warranty extensions, adding to the value at purchase.  And, we have thirty-three boutiques worldwide that will honor your warranty. Now that’s peace of mind.

    When it comes to jewelry, know that prestige names DO count. Well-known jewelry manufactures like Wempe, and like the brands we carry – from Cartier to Wellendorff – spend a lot of time, effort, and money to create a reputation for quality. We know the difference between a seven thousand dollar necklace and a three thousand dollar one – and we will take the time to explain it to you in every detail. Beyond that, we commit to offering you only the very best. It’s what we stand for.

    Whatever you end up buying, make sure you get all guarantees and certificates, if applicable, in writing that describe the jewelry you’re buying. If you are buying a gift – look for a good return policy in case the gift doesn’t go over well. No matter what, in these respects, we’ve got you covered.

    3. Buy What You LOVE, Not What You Think Is A “GREAT INVESTMENT.”

    While it is great to have a watch that is collectible, most importantly, you want a watch that you will wear, enjoy and love now, and which best reflects your style and personality, so that you can enjoy it today, and for years to come.

    Similarly, an exquisite piece of jewelry is an indulgence, and buying one should make you feel pure wonderful emotion. Now, and forever.

    We hope these tips help you secure and enjoy your special purchase this season. Above all, buying exquisite watches and jewelry are a grand celebration, and that’s exactly how this should feel.

    ABOUT WEMPE: We are a 140 year-old, successful, storied, family-owned luxury business, purveying exquisite watches and jewels, and inspiring exquisite lives. With a US flagship situated on the iconic corner of 55th and Fifth Avenue in NYC, our teams work with the best in the business, and high-net worth clients are regularly impressed by our professional, passionate, knowledgeable, gracious, can-do attitude. Over many years, this has led to WEMPE’s consistent partnerships with leading brands such as Rolex and Patek Philippe, and to continuous growth and prosperity. We also make our own watches and jewelry, right at home, in Germany.

    We look forward to welcoming you this season, and promise to make you feel right at home.

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