Who Leads the Development Process?

    A builder does not hold the exclusive reins to ensure a smooth development project. Behind the scenes, a skilled expediter needs to pull some expert strings for the project to hit the ground and progress to completion.  From building your dream home, to spearheading high rise skyscraper developments, without an expediter on board, little can be accomplished.


    As a developer, what should my prime expectations be when hiring an expediter?

    A professional expediter should be fully immersed in a project from the predevelopment phase until final completion.  It is prudent that the expediter be on board even before the designer to assess the property, foresee complications and suggest strategy.  Once the project takes off, the expediter should be involved every step of the way, to ensure the smooth sailing continuity of the project.


    What determines an expediter’s performance as exemplary?

    The short answer to that would be high anticipation, low risk.  A qualified expediter is always ahead of the game. Complete awareness of the hurdles the project will face at future stages is a crucial advantage to the developer.  Cognizance and preparedness for events before they arise will prevent obstacles from halting advancement. A developer is looking for fast track progress, a finger on the pulse at all stages of the process.

    What would be legitimate grounds for disqualifying an expediter from a project?

    Overpromise.   If an expediter takes on a project, full nuance familiarity should be expected.  If a project stalls due to lack of code knowledge, or negligence during the application process, the fallback is high.  In many instances, too high for recovery. High interest rates will be unnecessarily paid, disgruntled renters will wait to move, and potential buyers are at risk of being scared away of a deal.


    Can I expect my expediter to know it all and do it all?

    No.  Due to the nature of the DOB and the industry in general, the expediting profession is forever evolving.  With that said, an expert in the field will be aware of a knowledge gap and do whatever it takes to bridge it.   Never should this be used as a justification for delaying a project. The expediter should continuously follow up, update information and aggressively seek out answers to make sure the project continues to flow.  No excuse is reason enough for an expediter to check out of a project, even temporarily.


    In terms of involvement, what are an expediter’s responsibilities?

    The expediting process is all about coordination.  Full involvement is paramount to coordinate all the details to avoid progress disruption.  When details can be game changing, the expediter needs full immersion to avoid unnecessary crises.  Time is always of the essence and cannot be wasted on miscommunication trivialities. An involved expediter will pull all the details together with seamless alacrity.


    When enlisting the services of an expediting company, be sure to hire the leading professionals in the industry.   The performance of your expediter can determine the level of success your project will meet.

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