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Relationships and reliability: Why New York’s elite trust ViVODOMi’s home management and concierge service

<p>Pictured: Robert Knighton and Eli Aizen, Founders of ViVODOMi</p>

Pictured: Robert Knighton and Eli Aizen, Founders of ViVODOMi

ViVODOMi, a boutique concierge company based in Manhattan, is built on relationships. Eli Aizen and Robert Knighton, the company’s founders, are not only business partners, but also a married couple. Since launching ViVODOMi in 2015, they have intentionally kept their client list small in order to provide the highest level of personalized service.  

Prior to ViVODOMi, Eli worked as a personal assistant. He says, “What I do best is get things done.” When clients text him requests, he knows what they want to hear: “My ideal answer is always, ‘Yes, I’m on it.’”

Robert’s background is in fashion and interiors, design and operations, and production. He says, “I’m very good at project management. I handle the architecture of the business, and Eli does a lot of the execution for our clients.”

ViVODOMi works exclusively with ultra-high-net-worth clientele, some of whom are public figures. Clients appreciate that Eli and Robert are problem-solvers who treat every problem with the utmost seriousness. They know that even if they ask for something that might sound small or silly to an outsider — like a fridge stocked with a hard-to-find beverage — it will be handled with a supportive, judgment-free approach. 

While the company is headquartered in New York City, their services extend around the globe. When a client vacationing on an island in the Mediterranean needed a particular medication, Eli took two flights and a ferry to hand-deliver it the next day.

If Robert and Eli can’t solve a client’s problem on their own, they know exactly who to call for the solution while protecting the client’s privacy. They’ve built a highly vetted network of professionals, all of whom have signed NDAs.  To maintain confidentiality, clients have a single point of contact at ViVODOMi and never have to interact directly with anyone else.  

Preparing and Managing Pied-À-Terre Properties

Many ViVODOMi clients own homes in New York, but don’t live in the city full-time. A pied-à-terre is a luxury, but it can also be a source of stress and anxiety for the homeowner. They want to ensure their home, belongings, and art collection are safe and protected while they are out of town.

The company has developed a suite of home management services to put homeowners’ minds at ease, simplify their ability to come and go as they please, and make sure they always have a welcoming environment awaiting them in New York.

Robert explains, “Most of what we do is taking their meticulously designed, gorgeous home and keeping it in pristine condition, so that when they come, they don’t have to worry about maintenance issues. It’s like they never left it.”

This includes everything from small tasks like mail management and replacing batteries to addressing potential problems before the homeowner returns. “If there’s a leak in another apartment, they wouldn’t know that unless we report it,” says Robert. “We’re going in every week, and we find a lot of leak issues, because when plumbing isn’t used, it causes leaks.” Having ViVODOMi as their New York team gives clients a sense of security. 

ViVODOMi keeps their home looking like they never left and sends them a weekly status report — even if they haven’t been back in years. Eli says, “We keep it like they’re coming tomorrow.” If a client calls and says, “I forgot to tell you, but I’m on my way,” there are no concerns. Eli simply tells them, “Okay, sure. The gardener was Thursday, and the housekeeper was Wednesday. Everything is ready.” 

High-End Real Estate Professionals Recognize ViVODOMi’s Value

ViVODOMi’s reputation for confidentiality and dependability has earned the respect of high-end real estate agents and business managers. When a wealthy client spends tens of millions of dollars on a property, they know that person is likely to want special attention and support. Robert says, “They will come to us and say, ‘I have this client who’s about to purchase this townhome. Can you help them with maintenance and be their point of contact for the home?’” 

For wealthy homebuyers, the peace of mind that the company provides is priceless. They want someone that’s going to respond to them right away, travel to them if necessary, and be at their beck and call. This is ViVODOMi’s sweet spot. “At our core, we are a concierge company, which makes us a little different than normal property managers who don’t always speak the language of our clients,” says Robert. “I think what makes us unique is that we have the network to support them, we understand them, and we don’t judge them.”

Debbie Zolan, principal agent of the Zolan Rossiter team at Compass, works to make sure all of her clients’ needs are met, even after closing. She says, “I want to be a resource for them and make sure that they’re settled, comfortable, and happy.” She shared the example of a family who lives out of state, owns multiple properties, and bought a home in Brooklyn for their daughter. The daughter is extremely busy, travels a lot, and didn’t have the bandwidth or the desire to deal with the mechanics of homeownership. Debbie recalls, “I knew she was going to need a lot of assistance in maintaining her property, and I sought out a solution.” 

Because her client needed more support than a standard property manager could provide, Debbie reached out to ViVODOMi. “I thought she’d benefit greatly from this type of on-call monthly service and emergency assistance,” she says. On her first phone call with Robert, Debbie remembers thinking, “This is the company for my clients.” She made the referral, and the new homeowner’s parents hired ViVODOMi to be there as a safety net if their daughter needed anything. 

Robert and Eli recognize that ultra-high-net-worth clients are often very sensitive.

Eli says, “There are unspoken expectations that come with wealth, and when you work closely with these individuals, you know how to make them feel comfortable.”

The ViVODOMi team is always ready to pivot based on the client’s day-to-day needs. If they’ve arranged for some work in the client’s home, but the client is having a rough day, they’re going to reschedule the project.

They also make sure that new homeowners have as little to worry about as possible. “We can transition them into their property before they even arrive so that it’s all set up and ready for them,” says Robert. This is where his design background comes in handy. “Things like floor changes, renovations, curtains… we use our network to help build all of those things for them before they arrive.”

If an emergency arises with one of the properties they support, they’re ready to take immediate action. While they were working on a small cosmetic change for the young Brooklyn homeowner, they found a leak that extended under the entire first floor, and all of it was infested with mold. Robert recalls, “We had to immediately get her evacuated and get the mold remediated. We brought in contractors who did all of it in six months and found a new location for her in the meantime.” The homeowner was thrilled with how smoothly everything was handled, and her parents were, too. 

With ViVODOMi’s support, clients know their New York property is in good hands. They trust the company with everything from checking their mail to installing designer chandeliers to managing major renovation projects while they’re out of town.  Robert says, “They know they can rely on us. They know that we anticipate their needs. They don’t have to tell us — we get it.”

If you have a client who would benefit from working with ViVODOMi, reach out to them today to learn more about their customized service offerings.