• SPONSOREDDaniel Boulud’s Insider’s Guide to the Upper East Side

    Storied chef Daniel Boulud never even considered working in Paris. He left home outside Lyons, France, when he was in his 20s, settled on the Upper East Side, and he’s still there more than 30 years later. “Paris was scary. I thought I would get beaten up,” Boulud says. “New York never scared me, not even in the ’80s, when it was really scary.”

    In his early years, Boulud lived in the Hotel Westbury and the Plaza Athénée and toiled in their kitchens. His longest commute was 10 blocks, though he ventured farther afield to gallivant with friends after hours. (He once paid a garbage truck driver to take him and some companions to a nightclub when he couldn’t find a cab.)

    Boulud now has restaurants around the world, but he wouldn’t live anywhere else. He’s even been immortalized on the Second Avenue subway line by Brazilian mosaic artist Vik Muniz. “It’s like I was knighted in my zip code,” Boulud says. “That’s my princehood.”

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