Opportunity Zones

Opportunity zones are meant to encourage development and job creation in low-income communities. To do this, opportunity zones allow investors who invest unrealized capital gains in opportunity funds to defer paying capital gains income tax on the money until 2026. These funds are then invested into the OZ. If 90% of the investment stays in the zone for ten years, investors can avoid paying the capital gains tax altogether. In New York there are 306 opportunity zones.

Opportunity Zones Q&A

How were opportunity zones created?
Opportunity Zones were created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on December 22, 2017. The first OZs were designated the following April.
How do opportunity zones influence the real estate market?
Intended to spur development in low-income communities, opportunity zones create an incentive for the real estate industry to move more money into underdeveloped areas. In New York, opportunity zones are largely residential. The chance to invest tax-free in a property or development within an opportunity zone is an incentive for many investors.
Who is impacted by opportunity zones?
Investors with real estate interests, or who are looking to increase their real estate interests, may benefit from opportunity zones. Their effect on residents of the zones are more unclear. Although the stated intention of the opportunity zones is to create jobs and increase the quality of living in the zones, some suggest that opportunity zone development causes gentrification and are a giveaway for the rich; others suggest that they are simply not as effective in alleviating poverty as they claim to be; and still more suggest that the long-term effects of opportunity zones are yet to be seen.
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