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A new data intelligence platform. Providing actionable data to make smart decisions at every stage of the deal cycle.

Beta launch: April 2022

Introducing the first phase of TRD PRO, a new data intelligence platform from The Real Deal that will give you the data you need to help your clients make smart decisions to produce desirable outcomes at every stage of the deal cycle.

Market data. All in one place.

Market intelligence from leading industry data partners combined with the power of data exclusively produced by TRD.

TRD Pro dashboard inside laptop
Live market reports (macro to micro)

Get insight on what you need! From hyperlocal activity (market reports, shadow inventory, project permits) to identifying new developments and pipeline stats – TRD PRO helps you accelerate your market expertise, identify leads, and negotiate better deals.

Proprietary data from The Real Deal

A leader in real estate news for 19 years, TRD PRO is your gateway to rankings, market intelligence and stats exclusively produced by The Real Deal Research team.

Customizable smart dashboard

Access thousands of market indicators and insights compiled into interactive 3D maps, straightforward graphics, and charts. Information you want, displayed the way you want!

Intel you can trust

Data hygiene and quality from The Real Deal, unbiased data from unbiased media, sourced from our audience (yelp model) as well as our own internal teams


TRD PRO combines The Real Deal's proprietary data-including our signature rankings and research-with government and exclusive partner resources to provide you with the most comprehensive view of critical real estate market intelligence. TRD PRO gathers data in all sectors-from finance to construction, CRE to residential and more-to give real estate professionals timely and actionable insights in a single dashboard that can tailored to your business needs. Founded in 2002, The Real Deal is the premier real estate news outlet in the US, reaching millions of professionals daily through digital, print, social media and events. From the boardroom to the boiler room, readers turn to The Real Deal for breaking news, factual 24/7 news, data, information and tools they need to succeed in a highly competitive industry.

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