Newmark president Jimmy Kuhn: “it’s a great time to be a broker” | Coffee Talk

In an interview with TRD’s Amir Korangy, Newmark president James D. Kuhn reflected on how the past year fits into the firm’s history. It was founded during a turbulent year — 1978 — when people seemed to be giving up on New York City. (Sound familiar?)

He pushed back on the idea that it’s a bad time to be a commercial real estate agent, given the challenges of the pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. “It’s a great time to be a broker,” he said. “But you have to work harder than you did before.”

As a silver lining, the pandemic gave Kuhn time to reflect on much-needed changes in the industry, to spend time with family, and to write an award-winning song — a “Covid anthem”, as he calls it. Check out the song in the link below, and the full video for more.

Morning in America:

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