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Giambi buys two wine cellar units

August 26, 2008 01:10PM
By Adam Pincus

Yankees slugger Jason Giambi has acquired more than his famous mustache this year — he just bought two wine cellar units at his Upper East Side condominium building.

Giambi, who turned his season around after growing a rally mustache, paid $1,250 per square foot, or $5,000, for each of the two four-square-foot units at the 31-story, Empire Condominium at 188 East 78th Street. After falling into another slump, Giambi shaved his mustache earlier this month, but promised to grow it back.

The 37-year-old first-baseman grew up in West Covina, Calif., not far from Los Angeles.

Giambi paid $3.3 million for his apartment in the luxury building in 2002, according to city records. He admitted to using steroids during the 2003 season.

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