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Trouble finding a place to call home? Join a Williamsburg commune

"Sober morning raves," yoga and meditation included for $4,000 a month

August 16, 2015 04:00PM

Pure House in WIlliamsburg

Pure House in WIlliamsburg

Communes evoke images of stoned and scantly clad hippies living in old school buses. But in NYC, new “cooperative apartment buildings” are popping up and it’s a very different vibe.

For example, Pure House at 151 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg promises to “curate” and “bring together like-minded people,” according to Curbed. Now, that’s what co-op buildings have always promised. But if you can’t get passed the Dakota’s interview, Pure House offers a much cheaper alternative, although it still isn’t cheap – ironic.

Besides the nine fully-furnished apartments in the building, “benefits” include dinner parties, music nights, “sober morning raves,” yoga, a clubhouse, large communal tables, massages and meditation. The cost: $4,000 a month. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron