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UWS co-op donates four times more to Romney than to Obama

Same address was biggest giver to Democrats nationally in 2004

September 18, 2012 10:00AM

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View of the San Remo from Central Park

One Upper West Side co-op is defying stereotypes. The residents of one building on this decidedly blue side of Central Park donated nearly four times more to the Romney campaign and to a pro-Romney super PAC than to Obama’s reelection efforts, the New York Times reported.

Changes in campaign finance are revealing surprise Republican strongholds, the Times said. At the San Remo, at 145 and 146 Central Park West, residents (including the Treasurer of Democratic National Committee) failed to out-spend their Republican allies. A hedge fund manager and a Goldman Sachs exec both donated in excess of $100,000 to Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney super PAC, the Times said, whereas democrats building-wide spent about that much total.

The building — which has been home to celebrities from Bono, to Dustin Hoffman and Steven Spielberg — is evidence of Romney’s success in attracting large donations, particularly through super PAC dollars.

Now the San Remo, which elicited the most money for Obama of any single building in the country during the 2004 campaign, has broken the trend. And that revelation had some San Remo residents promising to donate more.

“I’m going to give a lot of money,” Joy Fishman, a San Remo resident, told the Times. “I find the Romney team very scary.” [NYT] — Guelda Voien

  • Ganymede

    On a day when more news comes in about the immenent collapse of the Romney campaign, it’s strange that The Real Deal would have a headline article about the fact that one high end building on the UWS is putting most of its money on the Romney campaign. The UWS gave Bush about 15% of its vote and this time around Romney will be lucky to get 10% – he might get 20% of the overall vote in New York City! I think a lot of the 1 percenters better start planning for a complete change of the political climate in our country, which will be a good thing for everyone, including the real estate market. Haven’t we had enough of the downward slide of our country. It really is time for a change.