The Real Deal New York

New state advertising rules hard to enforce

June 20, 2013 10:30AM
By Lauren Elkies Schram

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Rutenberg's Kathy Braddock and Warburg's Fred Peters

Rutenberg’s Kathy Braddock and Warburg’s Fred Peters

From the June issue: The state of New York just revamped advertising rules for real estate agents, but it may not be able to effectively enforce them, industry sources said. That leaves brokers and firms with the difficult task of monitoring their agents’ email, websites and even Facebook pages.

The regulations will govern how agents can advertise online, how they handle references to brokerage firms, and even what they can call their teams. For example, a team of agents working together within a firm can no longer be called a “group.” [more]

  • brn

    “That’s because agents have to secure an ironclad exclusive agreement to
    list a property for sale”

    Really? Since when? With comments like
    that, no wonder everyone is confused.

    • George

      They are saying that with the NEW regulations, for RENTAL listings you will need an exclusive to advertise the unit. Without an exclusive, you have to get authorization from the owner of the property to list it. At least that’s what I took from it.

      • brn

        George, that’s not what the writer implied with that quote. She, like many REBNY brokers, is under the mistaken impression that one needs an exclusive agreement to list a sales listing.

    • George

      Oh but then it says the existing guidelines also call for that. But people just don’t know about it. Some people even say that the authorization is implicit. “The text of the law doesn’t specify what form the authorization must take, or whether permission needs to be given every time a new listing hits the market.”