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Donald Trump eyes New York gubernatorial bid

December 05, 2013 03:05PM

From left: Donald Trump and the New York State Capitol in Albany

From left: Donald Trump and the New York State Capitol in Albany

Having turned away from a presidential bid in 2012, the Donald is now floating the idea of taking up Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s spot in Albany.

Donald Trump spoke of a possible 2014 gubernatorial bid at Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Avenue yesterday, in a two-hour meeting with state lawmakers. Trump spoke convincingly about adding jobs, curbing taxes and tackling overregulation, and discussed improved management of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s real estate portfolio, state Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis told the Staten Island Advance.

Still, he did not formally commit to the idea of a run for governor, saying at the end of the meeting that he would think over the possibility of taking on Cuomo in his reelection bid.

The political nod comes as Trump is embroiled in a $40 million lawsuit filed by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, which accuses the Donald’s Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly known as Trump University) of defrauding students. [Staten Island Advance]Julie Strickland

  • 1Lionel

    Trump is a fathead with pretensions of grandeur. He has zero chance of taking Cuomo’s job. And I am a registered Republican

  • Jason

    quit writing these garbage articles. Trump will only complain about a state, city, or president and will always say he is going to run for it. But guess what?? He bitches out every time. No on will ever want to vote for him and he will never make it. He uses this every time as a publicity stunt to get his name out more. Take your wig off and go back home.

  • HughGass

    he must have a tv show coming out or a product to endorse. is it season finale for apprentice yet? Trump Cupcakes? Trump Headphones? Trump Jeggings?

  • Rich

    I guess he realized nobody was talking about him in the Media.
    He has even less hand her than the total non-chance he ever had of being President. NYs know the truth about him and are to impressed by his hyperbole.

    • Rich

      That is “less chance here” sorry typo

  • Spotter of Phonies

    This phony will do anything to get publicity. Only the simple minded can take Trump seriously.

  • I’m in

    I don’t like the guy – but I think he’d do a better job than Cuomo. He’s got my vote.

  • Charlotte Friedman

    He is the only one who is not tired of hearing what he has to say.

  • HOwdoyoulikethemapples

    At least Trump stands for something and is willing to fight for this City, even at the risk of being unpopular. Too many real estate people blow with the wind, like contributing to opposing candidates. And precisely because they are weak then somebody anti-business like DiBlasio gets elected[ Higher taxes and bigger government are anti-business]. And now the taxes will start, and its too late to stop the business stampede away from the city. Trump has convictions. Most others just have shallow opinions. So man up and get behind Trump if you want a job that still pays.

    • nancy

      LOL hes an ego meglamanic

  • Ellen

    Trump for Governor? Oh, no! If I want to see a clown show then I would prefer to go to the circus. The professional clowns are more qualified than Clown Donnybrook. His incessant demand for the president’s birth certificate is just one example of his deluded poor judgement and quest for personal attention. We need a serious and knowledgeable governor not a buffoon like Donnybrook.

  • nancy