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Luxury theater to take 40,000 square feet at South Street Seaport

December 23, 2013 08:44AM

A rendering of the IPic theater and Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb (inset)

A rendering of the IPic theater (Inset: Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb)

A luxury theater chain that wines and dines patrons is coming to Howard Hughes Corporation’s South Street Seaport redevelopment. IPic, where movie-goers can expect to pay up to $28 for extreme pampering, will take 40,000 square feet at an upcoming complex at 11 Fulton Street.

The theater will have 505 seats and eight auditoriums, the New York Post reported. “IPic takes a commodity experience and turns it into an extraordinary night out by providing services and amenities that are not typically found in a movie theater,” the company’s CEO Hamid Hashemi told the newspaper.

The complex is set to open in mid-2015, according to the Post. Howard Hughes Corporation is also partnering with Stanley Chera’s Crown Acquisitions on a three-story glass retail building to be developed at the seaport’s Pier 17, and is looking at developing a 50-story hotel and apartment tower at the seaport. [NYP]Hiten Samtani

  • Nathan

    The Howard Hughes corporation was supposedly going to bring tenants that would cater to the Manhattan population. This is so suburban it’s going to have exactly the same vibe as the current Pier 17 and become a place that New Yorkers avoid at all cost.

    • DTNYC

      What nonsense Nathan. I live in the neighborhood and my neighbors and I are thrilled to have this in the community. WE will be going to this theater. What makes you think only people in the suburbs go to see films? Do they see it with table service and cocktails? Ummm, no! This is a great addition to downtown and I applaud Howard Hughes Corp for bringing this to the new Seaport!

      • Nathan

        I live in the neighborhood too and after checking out the Ipic website, I am anything but thrilled that they are the first big tenant announced at the redeveloped pier 17.. It’s so tacky and they’re only playing big Hollywood movies. You can tell the process is being managed by a development company that isn’t local.
        I must say I love the design for the new pier 17 but I was hoping we would get a tenant mix more akin to what’s happening at Pier 57.

        • DTNYC

          Once again, what is wrong with a luxury movie theatre? Before you said only suburban people would use it and now you say they will only play “big” movies. You have no idea what they will do. You also have no idea about the tenant mix at the seaport because they haven’t announced it. So please hold your criticism until you actually have real information to form an opinion. In the interim I have talked to many more people and everyone has had a very positive reaction to this news. I’m hoping you’ll be won over in time. I agree that I would love for them to have more “art house” film here but not solely. I would like a great mix of films. We shall see. :-)

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