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New Jersey brokers accused of using client home for sex fests

December 23, 2013 12:41PM

From left: Jeannemarie Phelan and Robert Lindsay

From left: Jeannemarie Phelan and Robert Lindsay

Real estate agents are supposed to give homeowners the best bang for their buck. But a Coldwell Banker duo in New Jersey is being sued by two homeowners for allegedly using their house to engage in sexual trysts.

Homeowners Richard and Sandra Weiner alleged that agents Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan used their Wayne, N.J., home for a minimum of 10 racy meetings, according to a lawsuit filed in Passaic County court.

“The security cameras further show that at 1:02 p.m., Lindsay and Phelan entered the master bedroom, undressed and proceeded to have sex on the Weiners’ bed,” the lawsuit, seen by the Record, states. “All visits were for sexual encounters.”

The Weiners also said in the suit that Lindsay “intentionally listed the house above market value to avoid Realtor traffic in the home while he and Phelan carried on their trysts.”

They are seeking damages for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, breach of contract, trespass of land and other civil counts, according to the newspaper.

Coldwell Banker fired the two agents after learning about the allegations, an executive for the brokerage told NorthJersey.

Earlier this month, an agent at boutique Williamsburg firm Nooklyn was fired for uploading nude photos of herself to company servers. [Record]Hiten Samtani

  • Damn

    Owners came home and decided something is fishy…

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Cant even spend the $50 for a motel room?

    • David

      It cost a bit more than that these days. You must be older and out of the game.

      • szs


      • Price Action Guru


        Actually, YourSupremeCommander is pretty much spot-on.

        A “motel” in NYC-NJ is generally between $40-$70

        • David

          @ Price Action Guru: You are technically correct but depends where. A dump in their neighborhood costs more. Cheap motels way out on RTE.22 will still be no less than $100. There are a few dumps on RTE.4 near the GW. $100+/ night. You’d need to find a place during off season near the shore, A/C or anywhere south of Monmouth county. If you’re in Wayne area and screw a lot it will get costly. I was a real estate broker in Manhattan for a time years ago. I know a few guys from that time that porked girls in tenants apartments. The girls were the cute Hunter college girls that did clerical stuff part time in the office and the rest were cute girls looking for apartments. The lawsuit only has merit if it can be proved listing was too high. That will be tough.

          • Price Action Guru

            I guess I must be in the know. I know of a lot of places that are clean, safe, and cheap.

            There are even nice brand name hotels inside NYC that will let you do “short-stays” for less than $100.
            With the brand name hotels, they do not take credit cards, only cash, and they do not advertise this service.
            Just ask the manager on duty, you will be surprised how many will oblige, particularly during the day.

    • mickey

      Why should they go to a cheap hotel when they can use a nice house, God bless em.

      • Anna

        But, it’s not there house. God will not bless this type of behavior. Please think before you speak and write.

        • Anna

          their* … autocorrect typo

  • bob

    whats better than having sex on the weiners bed?

  • althotos

    Isn’t technology amazing? The owners were filming the sexual trysts between these two realtors. Maybe the realtors should sue the owners back under the “Peeping Tom” law or invasion of privacy for being filmed in the nude without their consent. Did you read or hear about racist tweet sent out by that PR exec regarding AIDS? I guess people just don’t think before they do things that will stay out there forever on the World Wide Web. People seem to use technology to do all sorts of stupid things these days, like the congressman from NY who was sending pictures of his manly, organ to his mistress….what was his name?

    • jd_hawk

      You really think the two unlawfully on private property having a tryst are on legal grounds for suiing the owners? The cameras were there for sercurity and not their own pleasure of capturing some hanky panky from unwanted guest.
      You either have a poor understanding of the legal system or you didn’t read the whole article.

      • Anna

        Agree with jd_hawk. Well said.

  • WllmHustle


  • Late

    This happened last year. The Real Deal must be running out of stories to report? I guess it’s time for someone to create TRD’s replacement.

  • Mike

    I hope someone upload their sex acts pictures on one of those porn sites. LMAO.

    • Mickey

      I’d like to see that as well.

  • devon

    they should be part of TRD , buncha junkies n sex freaks

  • devon

    amir korangy fucks more whores than this wheres his story huh?

  • Greg

    Any Video used as evidence becomes a public accessible item, gotta love the freedom of imformation act. The Chick Realtor is HOT, I must say. Love to see the Video….Mmmmmmmm

    • David

      I’d love to see that too. mmmmmmmmm.
      Does anyone know if either of these 2 are married? Probably at least one is.

  • Greg

    Information …. sorry

  • chicadujour

    why did they wait after the 10th episode to say something?

    • dectra


      Did you ever think that the home owners weren’t checking the video recordings every day? Why on earth would they?

      Perhaps you should consider the fact that the Realtors acted in an grossly unprofessional (and possibly illegal) manner when you comment.

  • Price Action Guru

    To heck with the lawsuit, Richard and Sandra Weiner should have posted the videos of Robert Lindsay and Jeannemarie Phelan having sex in the Weiner’s home to the Internet.
    I bet Richie and Sandy would be very agreeable to working out a solution.

  • Wally Marshall

    They should lose their Realtors license, but probably should get a book deal.

  • George Chin

    No bed bugs in a nice house, and snacks in the fridge.