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NYC population boom overwhelms housing supply

In Brooklyn, the population has grown by 82,500, but it has gained just 5,300 units

May 24, 2014 12:00PM

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A rendering of the NYC skyline with new luxury towers along West 57th Street

A rendering of the NYC skyline with new luxury towers along West 57th Street

WEEKENDEDITION In March, reports showed that New York City is in the midst of a population boom, gaining 215,782 new residents since 2010 and reaching a total of 8,405,837 residents in 2013. That means that — without an astronomical surge in residential construction — the city’s housing market is likely to see more competition among renters and even higher prices in the years to come.

The report, issued by the city’s planning department, noted that “much of this inflow consists of young migrants to Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, where they live largely in non-family households.”

During the city period from 2010 to 2013, when the city gained 215,000 residents, only 21,688 new housing units were built. In Brooklyn, the population grew by 82,500 people but the borough gained only 5,300 housing units, according to New York YIMBY.


“These population increases underscore the need to spur creation of housing for all New Yorkers,” city’s planning commissioner, Carl Weisbrod said, “Something which we are focusing on as part of the Mayor’s mandate to provide 200,000 affordable apartments over the next ten years.” [NY YIMBY]Christopher Cameron

  • Jleon85

    That rendering is way off, as is its caption. 30 Hudson Yards will not be hovering over Central Park from 33rd Street, and what on Earth are the blue rectangles to the left of One 57?

    • NicholasTylerMiller

      These proposed building are as tall and taller than the Sears Tower. They will be the tallest buildings in NYC. I think the rendering is accurate.

    • AnoNYC

      The rendering is pretty accurate. This view is from the air after all. The building in question is 217 W 57th St. Currently under construction.

      • Jleon85

        217 W 57th is shown (accurately) to the right of 30 Hudson Yards. I was wondering about the rendering behind CitySpire Center.

        • AnoNYC

          I believe that is Manhattan West?

          • Jleon85

            Thanks, I think you’re right. That’s going to be 700 ft tall and on 31st Street, so it should barely even be visible from the vantage point of the rendering. This shows it to be as high as One Bryant Park’s antenna, which is both 1,200 ft high and 11 blocks closer.

          • AnoNYC

            That is an old render. I think at the time it was made, the buildings that make up Manhattan West were supposed to be about that height.

  • AnoNYC

    The city needs to target those neighborhoods which were once major population centers but blighted during the mid-late 20th century. I’m talking those that haven’t seen as much attention in recent years like Morrisania, East NY, Bathgate, Arverne. These communities would benefit from increased populations.

    • Jleon85

      True, there are many places that should have higher densities. Astoria is ten minutes from Midtown and it’s mostly drab rowhouses and three-story apartment buildings.

      The biggest problem is that there are just four subway stations currently under construction in the entire city. Unless the MTA is completely overhauled, the city will never be able to accommodate the 9 million people projected by 2030.

      • AnoNYC

        I agree. NYC requires major rapid transit expansion.


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