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  • Richard Du

    Agorafy, a real estate startup that specializes in commercial listings, will launch a professional profile feature at the end of January, aimed at boosting the interaction between brokers, owners, building managers, financiers and designers. Richard Du, the President and CEO of commercial brokerage Dumann Associates said he wanted to break the shackles of anonymity that most commercial brokers are burdened with. “They’re doing multi-million dollar transactions and no one knows anything about them personally,” said Du, “and it’s because they don’t have a digital home. Residential brokers have photos and testimonials, everyone can recognize them. I’ve been a commercial broker for 15 years and no one knows what I look like!” … [more]


  • An Agorafy screen shot
    From the May issue: Three years after launching Manhattan-based commercial brokerage Dumann Associates, Richard Du was still frustrated by the same problem: His 40 or so brokers were spending too much time verifying the accuracy of property listings and not enough time in the field with clients. Du finally decided to take matters into his own hands and create an online database of his own. Launched last month in a beta testing phase, the website, called Agorafy, aims to bring accurate, up-to-date New York City commercial property listings to the public in an easily digestible format. [more]