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  • Miller samuel apartment

    Year-over-year growth in the Manhattan apartment market (credit: Miller Samuel)

    In the four-and-a-half years since the Manhattan condo/co-op market bottomed out, average prices have grown at about half the rate they did during the same time span leading up to the end of 2009. This time around, though, that growth is being pushed primarily by expensive luxury products, while the bottom 90 percent of the market churns out a slow recovery. [more]

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  • V3-121009949

    Jonathan Miller

    WEEKENDEDITION All too often consumers rely on monthly reports to get a sense of the U.S. housing market, when in fact the very nature of the real estate market hobbles those reports, according to real estate appraiser Jonathan Miller.

    “Buying or selling a house is a slow, lumbering, inefficient process that takes months to complete. There is a significant lag time from a meeting of the minds between a buyer and a seller to when the sale gets reported to the public. Yet we hang on each report and the bold headlines they inspire without proper context or understanding,” Miller writes in Bloomberg News. [more]

  • forum 1 pic 1

    From left: Steven Witkoff, Jonathan Miller, Miki Naftali and Michael Stern

    A panel of leading developers said that prices for new condominiums will remain strong in the near term, spurred on by robust job growth in the technology sector, high demand from foreign buyers and constrained supply in the city’s top neighborhoods. [more]

  • New York City:

    New York City: One of the country’s few homes to spring housing market growth

    The U.S. housing market has been slowing down in the early days of spring, worrying real estate analysts who projected that warmer weather would bring an upswing of growth. New York, as well as Baltimore and Fairfield County in Connecticut, is in the minority. [more]

  • inventory-charts_smaller-top

    Click to enlarge.

    Inventory on New York City’s residential market is on the rise, but not at a fast enough pace to satisfy buyers’ demand. [more]

  • Q4 Hamptons home sales: Back to normal

    January 23, 2014 12:01AM

    Hamptons sales activity (Credit: Corcoran Group)

    Although the fourth quarter typically marks the off-peak season for the Hamptons, home sales during the three months were unusually strong — particularly in the Southampton area. [more]

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  • Reffkin-Allon-Song

    From left: Robert Reffkin, Ori Allon and Sofia Song

    Sofia Song, StreetEasy’s former head of research and communications, is set to take a job at the high-tech startup brokerage Urban Compass. [more]

  • The Corcoran Group’s fourth-quarter sales report

    The Corcoran Group’s fourth-quarter sales report

    Brooklyn home prices continued their skyward trajectory in the fourth quarter of 2013, hitting an 11-year record high as inventory continued to lag behind demand. The borough’s median home sale price saw an 11.2 percent uptick to $570,110 from $512,500 in the same period last year, according to the latest Douglas Elliman market report, released today. [more]

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  • manhattan-average-rents-2013

    Manhattan average rents for 2012 and 2013 (Credit: Citi Habitats)

    Landlords in Manhattan and Brooklyn acted aggressively at the sluggish end of 2013 in an effort to boost building occupancy, even if that meant making concessions, according to Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of Miller Samuel. [more]

  • Average and median prices in Manhattan (courtesy: Halstead Properties)

    Average and median prices in Manhattan (courtesy: Halstead Property)

    We’ve said it before, but now we can say it definitively: 2013 was a banner year for real estate, particularly for high-end residential sales. In fact, so many real estate records were smashed in the fourth quarter, according to reports released today by the city’s biggest residential brokerages, that data wonk Jonathan Miller said it was hard to count them all. [more]

  • From left: Andrew Barrocas and 250 Bedford Avenue

    From left: Andrew Barrocas and the 100 percent leased Williamsburg Social at 250 Bedford Avenue

    Manhattan rents continued to drop in November, as robust sales activity poached some renters and the vacancy rate edged up to the highest level since 2006, according to a monthly Douglas Elliman rental market report released today. [more]

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  • maisonettes-nyc

    141 East 88th Street (via Will Femia) and Susan Hewitt

    In another sign of the heated residential market, building owners are making a bid for bigger bucks by increasingly reconfiguring ground-floor doctor’s offices as maisonettes.

    Landlords can charge higher rent for a residential unit in a space that traditionally served a medical function. [more]

  • Manhattan median sales and rental prices (Credit: Curbed)

    Manhattan median sales and rental prices (Credit: Curbed)

    Manhattan rents, ever-skyward though they climb, are far less volatile than sale prices in the borough, according to Jonathan Miller, CEO of appraisal firm Miller Samuel. [more]

  • manhattan-rents-oct

    Manhattan rents in October (Credit: MNS)

    Still cooling off from the summer, Manhattan rents in October declined for the second month in a row over the previous year – and only the second time since June 2011, according to a monthly Douglas Elliman rental market report released today. [more]

  • atlantic_point.jpg

    The Atlantic Point apartments on Long Island

    Sales of homes on Long Island hit 6,977 in the third quarter — the highest level seen since 2006 and a 32 percent year-over-year increase, according to a new market report from Douglas Elliman. Median prices on Long Island – as well as in New Jersey and Westchester County – also rose, while the inventory shrunk, suggesting that the region is on the upswing.

    Indeed, the median price on Long Island rose to $380,000, a year-over-year increase of 4 percent and the highest mark since the third quarter of 2008. [more]

  • Miller Samuel's Jonathan Miller

    Jonathan Miller

    How much can your buyer afford? Ask the bank. Taking buyers to view dream homes is a total waste of time until they know the level of mortgage financing they can secure with a preapproval, said Jonathan Miller, president and CEO of appraisal firm Miller Samuel. See the video after the jump.

  • From left: Jonathan Miller and Dan Bamberger

    From left: Jonathan Miller and Dan Bamberger

    Brokers have been asking buyers to take price-per-square-foot numbers with a grain of salt, as listings have no uniform standard for measuring square footage and are often misleading.

    Some listings, for example, may include closets, hallways and even elevator shafts as part of the square footage, while others go with simply the actual amount of usable space inside an apartment. Still, “usable” can be defined in myriad ways. [more]

  • The Corcoran Group's third-quarter sales report

    The Corcoran Group’s third-quarter sales report

    The borough of Kings may still be the lady-in-waiting when it comes to real estate prices, but the gap between Brooklyn and Manhattan continues to shrink rapidly. Brooklyn saw an 11.6 percent jump in the median home sale price in the third quarter of 2013, to $564,720 from $506,000 in the same period last year, according to the latest Douglas Elliman market report, released today. [more]

  • MNS rental report September 2013

    MNS rental report September 2013

    Rents in Manhattan may have finally hit a plateau in September, as a spring spike in mortgage rates shunted some renters into the sales market and the vacancy rate edged up to the second-highest level in three years, according to a monthly Douglas Elliman rental market report released today.

    The median rent in the borough slipped 3.1 percent year-over-year to $3,095 per month, the first such decline since June 2011, while the average rental price per square foot dropped 2.6 percent year-over-year to $51.25. The number of new rental listings jumped 35.9 percent year-over-year, demonstrating that tenants continue to resist rising rents when their leases are up, choosing to move instead, and leaving apartments that hit the market, according to Miller Samuel CEO Jonathan Miller, who authored the report. [more]

  • q3

    Manhattan inventory levels (Credit: The Corcoran Group)

    The intensity of the residential real estate market this summer was enough to make its players sweat. As sales continued to take off in the third quarter, the inventory trough hit a new low, reports released today by Manhattan residential brokerages show. Listing inventory fell to its lowest level since appraisal firm Miller Samuel began tracking it in 2000. [more]


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