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  • The bond market moves mortgage rates.

    From the South Florida website: People should not worry about what the Federal Reserve might do, or not do, when deciding to finance or refinance a home.

    A mortgage borrowing decision should be based solely on current interest rates and whether a loan is affordable.

    There is widespread anticipation that, as soon as September, the Fed will raise the interest rates that banks charge each other for overnight loans, which has been near zero since 2008. [more]

  • 2364 Duane Street in Los Angeles

    2364 Duane Street in Los Angeles

    For the past five years, mortgage rates in the U.S. have remained around 50-year lows — a situation that has allowed healthy price growth, with double-digit percentage price gains in 51 metropolitan areas in the first quarter of this year. But if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates later this year, as many suspect it will, this momentum could be thrown off.

    Rates on 30-year conventional mortgages averaged 4 percent last week, and before that, they had been below 4 percent since November, according to the Wall Street Journal. [more]

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    U.S. mortgage rates rose to 2015 highs this week, with bond investors reacting to positive reports from the housing market.

    The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage climbed to 3.87 percent from 3.84 percent last week, matching levels seen at the end of 2014, according to Freddie Mac. The average 15-year rate rose to 3.11 percent from 3.05 percent last week. [more]

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    From left: Nela Richardson and Martha Floyd

    Call them the prodigal millennials: Statistical measures and anecdotal reports suggest that young couples and singles in their late 20s and early 30s have begun making a belated entry into the home buying market, pushed by mortgage rates in the mid-3 percent range, government efforts to ease credit requirements and deep frustrations at having to pay rising rents without creating equity. [more]

  • Mortgage rates have seen a steep drop in the last few months, and in the past few days have declined a full eighth of a point. Rates are a quarter of a point lower than average rates in the second half of December. [more]

  • (Credit: Maurice Mayfield)

    (Credit: Maurice Mayfield)

    Rates on 30-year mortgage loans are on the rise this week, following a better-than-expected jobs report last week. [more]

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    A drop in interest rates in the last month defied forecaster expectations and gave homebuyers a bit of unexpected relief as the Federal Reserve announced plans to begin tapering its purchases of mortgage-backed securities.

    The average 30-year fixed rate mortgage in the U.S. fell to a rate of 4.23 percent last week, hitting nearly hitting a three-month low and a 0.3 percentage point lower than at the start of 2014 — a tumble in the cost of borrowing that will enable homebuyers to make purchases sooner than planned. [more]

  • Prices are easing downward as the chokehold on inventory across the U.S. loosens.

    The distressed properties that investors snapped up in bulk during the economic downturn are finally coming to market along with new home projects — indicating spring will be a strong selling season. [more]

  • US mortgage rates fall to three-month low

    February 05, 2014 01:22PM

    Walter Schmidt

    As investors increasingly snatch up government bonds, average mortgage rates last week hit a lowest level since November.

    The average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage dropped to 4.47 percent from 4.52 percent week-over-week, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. Applications for refinancing a home increased 3 percent week-over-week while still sitting at a low level. [more]

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    Mortgage rates fell to lows not seen since November, in response to yesterday’s stock market plunge. As the S&P 500 got shellacked, mortgage rates fell about 0.06 percent yesterday, and the most highly-qualified borrowers could be looking at 30-year fixed mortgage rates of 4.25 percent. [more]

  • Jason Meister (Screenshot via Fox Business)

    Jason Meister (Screenshot via Fox Business)

    Though interest rates remain at historic lows, their upward trajectory in recent months puts the housing market’s recovery at risk, according to Avison Young broker Jason Meister, who added that the government’s interference in free market mechanisms had contributed to the problem. See the full story and video after the jump.

  • Fed Chair Janet Yellen

    Janet Yellen

    Mortgage rates changed little this week, as investors waited to see how the Federal Reserve will move on its current bond buying.

    The rate for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage ticked down to 4.51 percent this week from 4.53 percent, according to a statement from Freddie Mac. For a 15-year mortgage, the rate was up to 3.56 percent from 3.55 percent. [more]

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    Whether 2014 will be another banner year for real estate or wind up strangled by skyrocketing interest rates largely hangs on five key determinants.

    Inventory, the state of the home construction recovery, what becomes of mortgage credit, how investors decide to handle their homes and whether housing hits an affordability tipping point will largely shape the real estate year ahead. Not to mention the rate at which newly-confirmed Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen opts to roll back the agency’s bond-buying program, which up until now has kept interest rates low. [more]

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  • Higher mortgage rates for 2014? Count on it. Could this be the year to check out hybrid mortgages, which haven’t been popular lately? Maybe. [more]

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  • Rocky housing market expected for 2014

    December 27, 2013 05:30PM

    The recent ups and downs of mortgage rates and home sales are expected to carry over into the new year. [more]

  • On the heels of the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it will reduce bond purchases, U.S. mortgage rates largely maintained status quo this week. The average for 30-year fixed rate mortgages rose to 4.48 percent this week from 4.47 percent, according to Freddie Mac data. The average 15-year rate saw similarly slight growth – to 3.52 percent from 3.51 percent week-over-week. [more]

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  • Mortgage Applications For Purchases Increase

    U.S. home mortgage applications fell for the second consecutive week to a 13-year low, following a jump in mortgage rates after last week’s announcement from the Federal Reserve that it would taper its bond market purchases starting in January.

    Application activity dropped 6.3 percent to the lowest level seen since December 2000, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association. The rate on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages was 4.64 percent last week, up 0.2 points from the previous week but still lower than the 4.80 percent seen in September. [more]

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    A number of opposing forces are likely to keep homebuying steady in the year ahead, as mortgage rates continue to rise and adjustable-rate mortgages return to the stage.

    Mortgage rates are likely to increase even further in 2014 as the Federal Reserve reduces its monetary stimulus, and rising employment and incomes increase buyers’ purchasing power. [more]

  • RedfinNormalLoanRates

    Redfin data on Americans’ perceptions of home loan rates

    A staggering 83 percent of American homebuyers consider a “normal” rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan to be under 5 percent, new data from Redfin shows. [more]

  • Borrowing costs continue to balloon, as the national average for a 30-year fixed mortgage climbed to 4.29 percent this week from 4.22 percent the prior week, according to data from Freddie Mac. [more]