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  • From left: Sandeep Mathrani, Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport and David Weinreb

    From left: Sandeep Mathrani, Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport and David Weinreb

    A group of former tenants at the South Street Seaport’s Pier 17 is suing General Growth Properties and the Howard Hughes Corp., claiming the landlords intentionally squeezed the retail shops dry so they could throw them overboard in an attempt to redevelop the pier. [more]

  • Rendering of Pier 17 (Credit: SHoP)

    Rendering of Pier 17 (Credit: SHoP Architects)

    The Department of Buildings has approved the Howard Hughes Corp.’s plans for the redevelopment of Pier 17.

    While much of the waterfront’s future is still in limbo, Curbed reported, the new complex is set to rise at the location of the old Pier 17. The Department of City Planning previously approved plans for a four-story retail hub there. [more]

  • From left: Howard Hughes Corp. proposed tower at Pier 17 and New Amsterdam Market

    From left: Howard Hughes Corp. proposed tower at Pier 17 and New Amsterdam Market

    The shuttered New Amsterdam Market is aiming to reopen this fall, but it may be ready to concede defeat in its battle against the Howard Hughes Corporation and its high-rise development at the former Fulton Fish Market on Pier 17. [more]

  • New Amsterdam Market at Pier 17

    New Amsterdam Market at Pier 17

    The city should preserve as a public space the old Fulton Fish Market site, where the Texas-based Howard Hughes Corporation wants to build a mall and apartment tower, write opponents of that plan in a New York Times editorial. [more]

  • From left: Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb, proposed Seaport tower, lead designer Gregg Pasquarelli

    From left: Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb, the proposed Seaport tower and lead designer Gregg Pasquarelli

    The results are in from a working group formed by the Howard Hughes Corporation to review redevelopment plans for the South Street Seaport. [more]

  • 80-south

    Earlier rendering of 80 South Street and Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb

    UPDATED, 2:08 p.m., March 26: The Howard Hughes Corporation has entered contract for land just south of its planned 50-story tower at South Street Seaport’s Pier 17. The 8,128-square-foot parcel at 80 South Street has already received the go-ahead from the City Planning Commission to be transformed into a 300,000-square-foot mixed-use tower.

    Queens-based Cord Meyer Development has opted to sell the proposal and site itself to Howard Hughes. Morali Architects was behind the design of the tower, which would hold a residential component, a hotel and a community space. [more]

  • South Street Seaport market closes

    September 19, 2013 11:45AM

    Fulton Stall Market

    Amid slumping sales, the Fulton Stall Market has left South Street Seaport, but the open-air bazaar hopes to reopen elsewhere in the area.

    The food market’s manager, Amy Weeks, said she is in talks with Seaport developer Howard Hughes Corporation to relaunch at another location nearby for the long run. Fulton Stall Market, located along South Street every Sunday, took a summer break in August with plans to return in the fall. But it suffered from competition with hipper, “curated” vendors at nearby SmorgasBar and struggled to maintain sales after five years in the spot, opting to shutter last month. [more]

  • From left: An interior shot of the current mall, Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and a rendering of the new Pier 17

    From left: An interior shot of the current mall, Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and a rendering of the new Pier 17

    South Street Seaport’s Pier 17 mall will close today to make room for a long-planned renovation of the pier. The multi-million-dollar overhaul project – being developed by Howard Hughes Corp. and set to kick off construction in October — will raze the current 28-year-old structure and build a glass structure filled with high-end stores and restaurants in its place. “There’s no place for the mom-and-pop store in the new mall,” a shop owner who declined to be named told DNAinfo. “But I don’t know if there’s room anywhere in city for that anymore.” [more]

  • A Pier 17 project rendering and Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb

    The Gap has become the latest retailer to file suit against Howard Hughes Corp., which is rebuilding Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport. The Dallas-based developer is facing two other suits from companies that want to continue operating their businesses at the pier, which was damaged during Hurricane Sandy. [more]

  • City approves Pier 17 development

    February 06, 2013 02:00PM

    From left: Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and a rendering of Pier 17

    The City Planning Commission unanimously approved development plans for South Street Seaport’s Pier 17 project, though it insisted that the controversial rooftop signage be removed, Curbed reported. The proposed signage had irked neighborhood residents and had been described by City Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden as a “blight” on the area. The commission also requested the developer, the Dallas-based Howard Hughes Corporation, to add moorings for Maritime use. … [more]

  • Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and a rendering of Pier 17

    Businesses at South Street Seaport’s Pier 17 have been ordered to vacate the premises in anticipation of a major redevelopment project to begin in July, DNAinfo reported. The Dallas, Texas-based Howard Hughes Corporation owns the pier and is slated to begin construction on an all-glass two-story structure with approximately 120,000 square feet of high-end retail space. Retail in the neighborhood — which has seen steadily rising prices and several new residential project — was brought to a dramatic halt by Hurricane Sandy … [more]

  • From left: Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and a rendering of Pier 17

    The Dallas-based Howard Hughes Corporation is forging ahead with its plans to redevelop Pier 17 in Lower Manhattan. Following an engineering inspection of the site’s stability following Hurricane Sandy, which deemed the site to be sound, David Wenreb, Howard Hughes’ CEO, told the New York Times that it will begin construction by July 1. [more]

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  • From left: Faith Hope Consolo and a rendering of Pier 17

    The future of the proposed South Street Seaport revitalization project is uncertain, the Wall Street Journal reported. The culprit: Hurricane Sandy, whose landfall in Lower Manhattan not only damaged the South Street Seaport Museum, but also could have damaged Pier 17, where Howard Hughes Corp. is planning a redesigned mall.

    Now that the site is closed, and could be closed for two years with construction, retailers could get cold feet in signing leases and the site may have problems getting visitors, real estate experts told the Journal. “People have a short time span to remember,” Faith Hope Consolo, chairman of Douglas Elliman’s retail group, told the Journal. [more]

  • A rendering of the mall at Pier 17

    Howard Hughes Corp. is revising its design for a proposed shopping mall on Pier 17, the Tribeca Trib reported. The new design would split the rectangular mall in two, allowing natural light and rain to shine through the building’s center.

    “So when it rains the rain will come down right through the middle of the building,” Gregg Pasquarelli, a partner in SHoP Architects, the building’s designers, said. “We think that would be pretty fantastic and really have this great engagement with the waterfront.” [more]

  • A proposed tower for South Street Seaport that was rejected by LPC

    Though the city’s Economic Development Corp. approved Howard Hughes Corp.’ overhaul of the South Street Seaport retail complex, the local community was quick to tell Downtown Express that it’s far from a done deal. The project still has to undergo the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, which usually endures for seven months, and there are still significant concerns, according to Michael Levine who directs Land Use and Planning for local Community Board 1. [more]

  • From left: Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb, EDC President Seth Pinsky and a rendering of the project

    Howard Hughes Corp. announced today that it has reached an agreement with the city’s Economic Development Corporation to overhaul Pier 17 in Lower Manhattan, Crain’s reported. Construction is projected to begin next year, and be completed by 2015. [more]

  • A rendering of Pier 17

    Lower Manhattan’s popular New Amsterdam Market wants to make a permanent home of the abandoned Fulton Fish Market warehouses, but it’s facing opposition from Howard Hughes Corporation, DNAinfo reported. The South Street Seaport developer has first rights to the city-owned properties that the market covets around the seaport.

    The buildings that the market’s founder, Robert LaValva, hopes to occupy are the Tin Building and the New Market Building, located near the base of Pier 17. [more]

  • A rendering of the plans for the South Street Seaport

    Regarding Pier 17, that misbegotten pile that opened in August 1983 on the East River and dominates the South Street Seaport, the most recent “AIA Guide to New York City” (dated 2010) says it best: “What was intended as a time capsule of the early 1800s has become an inadvertent time capsule of the early 1980s. … The best thing about it is the East River lapping cheerfully about the foundations and the cry of gulls overhead. The worst thing about it is everything inside.” [more]

  • A rendering of the plans for the South Street Seaport

    The South Street Seaport in its current form is not long for this world, it seems, the New York Times reported. In a hearing yesterday with the Landmarks Preservation Commission, owner the Howard Hughes Corporation outlined its ambitious plans to “turn Pier 17 into a glass-clad shed dominated by two 60,000-square-foot sales floors on the upper level,” the Times said, which would mean that no large-scale retailers could be accommodated. And so far, the LPC seems receptive. [more]

  • alternatetext
    Howard Hughes CEO David Weinreb and Pier 17

    South Street Seaport leaseholder Howard Hughes Corp. unveiled plans to the local community board to replace the mall that currently sits on Pier 17 with a three-story glass retail building. According to the Tribeca Tribune, the community walked away impressed with the plan — but aware that a taller tower will likely follow.

    “You can’t just be doing one building without knowing what your master plan is for the rest of the pier,” said John Fratta, chair of Community Board 1’s Seaport Committee. “I’m willing to bet there is going to be a high-rise in the future.” … [more]

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