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  • brooklyn-queens-sales

    From left: House at 1123 East 8th Street in Brooklyn that sold for $4.9 million, and condominium unit 7T at the Edge at 34 North 7th Street in Brooklyn that sold for $3.85 million

    A two-and-a-half-story Midwood house that sold for $4.9 million was the largest residential home sale in Brooklyn recorded in September, according to PropertyShark. Click here for a slideshow and story about the priciest sales recorded last month in Brooklyn as well as Queens.

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    From left: Brooklyn Heights townhouse at 101 Willow Street that sold for $7.3 million and Whitestone house at 157-11 Powells Cove Boulevard that sold for $2.1 million

    A four-story, single-family townhouse in Brooklyn Heights that sold for $7.3 million was the largest residential home sale in Brooklyn record last month, according to PropertyShark. Click here for a slideshow and story on the priciest sales in Brooklyn as well as Queens.

  • brooklyn-queens

    From left: 322 Carlton Avenue in Brooklyn sold for $3.5 million; 15015-15019 Waterside Court in Queens sold for $2.2 million; and 6 Boulevard in Queens for $2.9 million

    A 1,100-square-foot condominium at Kirkman Lofts in Vinegar Hill that sold for $3.5 million was the largest residential deal in Brooklyn last month, according to PropertyShark. Click here for a story and slideshow.

  • Cheapest Manhattan sales of the week

    March 26, 2014 08:00AM
    From left:

    From left: 502 Ninth Avenue, 199 Bowery and 736 West 186th Street

    The cheapest single-family deals in Manhattan this week were pricier than sales in previous weeks, starting with a Hudson Heights co-op that topped the inexpensive list at $330,000. [more]

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  • The number of scheduled foreclosure auctions for residential homes, condominiums and cooperatives rose last year in the city for the first time since the Great Recession, new figures from PropertyShark show.

    The Bronx saw the largest jump, rising by 109 percent to 341 auctions in 2013 from 163 in 2012, the data show. The next highest increase in foreclosure auctions was in Brooklyn, where the numbers rose 45 percent to 236 in 2013 from 163 in 2012. That was followed by Queens, with an 11 percent increase to 395 auctions from 355. Staten Island rose by 4 percent to 74 auctions from 71 in 2012. [more]

  • 5 cheapest Manhattan sales of the week

    January 27, 2014 01:15PM
    The apartment at 345 East 81st Street

    The apartment at 345 East 81st Street

    An Inwood co-op that sold for $216,000 was the cheapest single-family deal last week in Manhattan. The apartment was in a 50-unit building at 25 Indian Road, but no broker information was available on StreetEasy. [more]

  • From left: Sky View Parc in Flushing and 250 West Street in Tribeca

    From left: Sky View Parc at 4022 College Point Boulevard in Flushing and 250 West Street in Tribeca

    Sky View Parc in Flushing was the best-selling building of 2013, with 165 units sold during that year at a median price of $677,136, according to data from PropertyShark. Though new development buildings were all the rage in 2013, many of the sales at these buildings have yet to close, and so the honors for top-selling buildings went to properties that have been on the market for a little longer, the data show. [more]

  • A rendering of City Point in Downtown Brooklyn

    A rendering of City Point in Downtown Brooklyn

    A megaproject in Downtown Brooklyn — Acadia Realty Trust’s City Point – led the pack of the city’s 10 largest new developments approved in November. But plenty of other mammoth projects in Manhattan and elsewhere in the five boroughs made the list, according to a PropertyShark analysis of city Department of Buildings permits issued last month, ranked by square footage. Read on for a full list. [more]

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  • A dynamic map of median  tktk (Source: Property Shark)

    A dynamic map of median home sales (Source: Property Shark)

    Stratospheric prices in Nolita are hardly news these days, but a new dynamic map detailing the median home sales price of New York City digs reveals a few expensive, outer borough outliers.

  • The Bronx, which saw a growth in foreclosures

    The Bronx, which saw a growth in foreclosures

    First-time foreclosures in New York City doubled between the first and second quarters of this year, reaching a two-year high, according to a PropertyShark report. The second quarter saw a total of 348 first-time foreclosures citywide – an uptick from 146 tallied in the previous quarter. [more]

  • REOhomes

    A bank-owned home

    Lenders are unloading bank-owned homes at an even faster clip than they were during the lead up to the real estate boom, according to data provided to The Real Deal by listings provider PropertyShark.

    Banks and financial services firms such as Deutsche Bank, Wells Fargo and HSBC sold homes in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx in an average of 260 days in 2011, compared with 290 days in 2005 — a 10.3 percent difference, the most recent data show. See chart after the jump.

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  • 643-647 Ninth Avenue

    643-647 Ninth Avenue (Credit: PropertyShark)

    A modest five-story walk-up and an adjacent luxury rental in Hell’s Kitchen together sold for more than $880 per square foot, in what insiders said was of the highest prices ever paid in the neighborhood west of Times Square. [more]

  • Radio City Music Hall

    Radio City Music Hall

    “Numbers to know” is a weekly web feature that catalogues the most notable, quirky and surprising real estate statistics. REBNY heads to Harlem, Warburg debuts new pad and “America’s Got Talent” will bolster NYC’s economy. See this week’s countdown after the jump. [more]

  • The third quarter of 2012 saw the largest number of commercial transactions in the city in the past four years, according to a report released today by PropertyShark. The tally accounts for a total of 914 sales — a 9 percent quarter-over-quarter increase and a 25 percent jump from the same period in 2011. The total sales volume was just over $6 billion — inching up 4 percent quarter-over-quarter, but marking a 36 percent year-over-year drop. [more]

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  • Where do Hamptons buyers come from?

    September 13, 2012 02:30PM
    alternate<br /></a>text
    Source: PropertyShark; click to enlarge

    The Hamptons may be increasingly popular with year-round inhabitants, but it’s still a very popular destination for buyers of second homes. And where do these buyers come from? Property Shark recently took a look, finding that 35 percent of all Hamptons vacation homes are owned by Manhattanites (see full infographic after the jump). … [more]

  • NYC Commercial Sales Volume (source: PropertyShark)

    The city’s commercial sales market showed mixed results in the first three months of 2012, according to a report released today by There were $4.98 billion worth of commercial real estate deals in New York City in the period, a 24 percent decrease from the fourth quarter of 2011 but a 52 percent gain over the same period a year ago. In each quarter between this year’s first quarter and last year’s first quarter, total commercial sales volume exceeded $6.5 billion. [more]

  • Actovia's details dashboard and Jonathan Ingber, founder of Actovia (click to enlarge Actovia's dashboard)

    After just eight months, a new service that helps brokers track mortgages and landlords in New York City already has a client roster that boasts household names in commercial real estate such as Massey Knakal Realty Services, GFI Capital and Eastern Consolidated.

    New Jersey-based Actovia, launched by Jonathan Ingber last September, provides in-depth mortgage information and reverse look-up for owners by landlord name and address, but more importantly, it uses the latest technology to make that information available via a quick and intuitive user interface. [more]

  • A traditional flyer mapping retail properties and the new interactive map

    A new interactive New York City business and retail mapping tool could save commercial brokers a few extra blisters on the soles of their feet, according to real estate data website, which launched the feature yesterday.

    Geared primarily towards retail pros, the application, which currently brings together property and retail data for all properties in Manhattan from 14th to 56th streets, plots out all the businesses and retail stores on a city map. By clicking on a business logo or parcel on the map, a user can find what businesses reside in any particular building, making it easy for them to get an idea of a neighborhood’s client demographic. [more]

  • Commercial property sales in New York City rebounded powerfully in 2011, as sales volume increased 32 percent from 2010 on 8 percent more transactions, according to a report released today by

    In all, 3,453 properties sold (six more than did in 2010) in 2,986 transactions for a total of $24.17 billion. The last time commercial property sales volume surpassed $20 billion in the city was 2007, when 5,466 properties sold for a total of $49.18 billion. [more]

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  • Thanks to the moratorium on foreclosures that resulted from the robo-signing controversy, New York City foreclosures declined 61 percent in 2011 to their lowest levels in seven years, according to a report released today by But Manhattan proved an exception to the rule, recording 193 new foreclosure filings in 2011, 28 percent more than it did in in 2010. [more]


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