Silver to West Side stadium: No way

June 06, 2005 12:00AM

State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who represents parts of lower Manhattan, said Monday afternoon he would not support public funding for the proposed West Side stadium. The stadium would be the home of the New York Jets as well as some, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hope the Olympics. Silver controls one vote on the three-member Public Authorities Control Board that must unanimously approve any public funding for the stadium. The board was expected to vote Monday on the funding.

Further clouding the stadium debate, the International Olympics Committee today released a report reviewing the five cities contending for the 2012 summer Games. New York received a generally favorable review that noted, however, the city’s lack of a suitably sized stadium for the Olympics. This may create a catch-22: Only if the stadium is built will the Olympics come, but some stadium opponents don’t want a stadium unless the Olympics are coming. Silver said he would not support the stadium, regardless of the Olympics. more [NYT]

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