Endurance PR: the all-night apartment hunt

November 09, 2006 12:00AM

As everyone knows, there’s no shortage of 24-hour life here in the city that never sleeps. The freedom and flexibility that comes with the ability to get just about whatever one wants, on a whim, at any hour has helped inspire many around the world to come to New York City and shell out big bucks for apartments.

Now, at least for one day each month, apartment hunting itself will be a late-night option for home-hungry Manhattanites.

Near the end of each month starting this month, a new firm named Mosaic Properties will host ‘Rental 911’ marathon sessions, during which the brokerage house stays open all night long to help desperate renters, buyers and landlords. Agents will even go around the city with customers showing vacant apartments in the wee hours as part of the event.

The clear gimmick is one of many high-visibility moves by the new firm, which has grabbed high-visibility space in Herald Square and adorned it with a 20-by-20-foot Mosaic billboard.

If you’re wondering what kind of agents would agree to be locked-in overnight at work, the answer is this: Mosaic targets green agents just out of college and offers them sales and market training in exchange for a little hustle.

The age range of the agents should loosely match that of the customers, as the company has said they’re trying to attract a “young and urban clientele.”

The first ‘Rental 911’ event will be held later this month on a day yet to be determined. The brokerage will be open for 34 straight hours, opening as normal at 9 a.m. one day and closing as normal at 7 p.m. the next day. By Tim Moran