This history of the La Rochelle… and more

December 04, 2006 12:00AM

1. The history of the La Rochelle more [NYT]
2. Renovating a dark apartment more [NYT]
3. Architect commemorates father more [NYT]
4. A recent graduate’s apartment hunt more [NYT]
5. Finding buyers for odd homes more [NYT]
6. “The nanny flat” is back in style more [NYT]
7. Trouble on Bridgeport’s waterfront more [NYT]
8. How to buy with condo hotels more [NYT]
9. When the old house doesn’t sell more [NYT]
10. Court ruling protects boards more [NYT]
11. 5th Ave.’s “Chateau in the Sky” more [NYT]
12. Latest Landmarks debacle more [NYT]
13. Townhouse site sells for $8M more [NYDN]
14. Housing sector won’t halt growth more [NYDN]
15. Boomers may flatten housing market more [NYT]
16. Harlem tower tops out more [Sun]

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