Atlantic Yards rally over lot build

April 16, 2007 12:00AM

Over 200 people gathered in Fort Greene yesterday to protest Forest City Ratner’s plans to demolish empty buildings in order to create a parking lot for its Atlantic Yards mega-project. The developer claims the seven-acre parking lot is needed for construction purposes, but protesters say it is being built to buttress the development of the project’s Nets arena, and that it would bring more traffic to an area already known for car congestion. Demolitions for the lot are supposed to start on Wednesday. Protesters said that not only does the lot seem transparently intended to benefit the arena–rather than other aspects of the project, which will include some housing–but that it is being built at the expense of local residents. It “conjures up the image of folks coming in from Westchester, Long Island and Staten Island,” said State Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. “I thought this project was about getting jobs for people in this community.” more [Metro]