What would Jane Jacobs do? … and more

January 25, 2008 09:39AM


  1.  1. What would Jane Jacobs think of Atlantic Yards? [Brooklyn Paper]

  2. 2. After fatal accident at Trump Soho, some ask if city’s safety
    nets rule goes far enough [NYT]

  3. 3.Stimulus package could boost housing market [AP via NYDN]

  4. 4. Bronx County Hall of Justice set to open after delays and
    cost overruns of nearly $100 million [NYT]

  5. 5. Longshoremen Association building in Carroll Gardens
    to be razed by non-union workers [NYDN]
  6. 6. City parks could sell naming rights to public places [Post]

  7. 7. State’s proposed bond insurance bailout questioned [Street]

  8. 8.Mortgage rates reach lowest levels in four years [Star-Ledger]

  9. 9. Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Credit
    Suisse Group are eliminating about 1,640 jobs [Bloomberg]

  10. 10. A look at Long Island’s
    real estate numbers [Newsday]
  11. 11. Pfizer slams state Democrats plan to transform its abandoned
    factory into at least 1,500 units of affordable housing [Brooklyn Paper]

  12. 12.
    Sen. Christopher Dodd says the government should buy troubled mortgages
    from banks and investors and shift homeowners into loans that are
    federally-insured or owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac [WSJ]

  13. 13. Real estate lawyer answers questions on landlord-tenant
    relations [NYT]