Can lower rates revive real estate? … and more

January 28, 2008 10:25AM

  1.  1. Now that the Fed has lowered interest rates, will homebuyers
    take advantage? [NYT]
  2.  2. Demand for apartments in trophy buildings leads to new
    records [NYT]

  3. 3. With boom over, architects now eager for work [WSJ]
  4. 4. The subprime crisis threatens the recovery in Far Rockaway, where
    about 50 of 180 houses now on the market are being sold by banks [NYT]
  5. 5. Barclays says stimulus package
    could lead to surge in refinancing [Bloomberg]
  6. 6. Houses of worship targeted by developers in place where real
    estate is scarce [NYT]
  7. 7. A Southampton summer rental
    is listed for $1 million [Newsday]
  8. 8. Investors and analysts say the market for new homes may have hit bottom [Bloomberg]
  9. 9. Some small businesses suffer from the construction of the Second Avenue
    subway [NYT]
  10. 10. Condo conversion in Union Square turns cast-iron arches into selling
    point for glass-walled apartments [NYT]
  11. 11. Building that housed Heath Ledger was seen in Drew
    Barrymore-Hugh Grant movie “Music & Lyrics” [NYDN]
  12. 12. Upper East Side housing
    advocacy agency faces eviction [NYT]
  13. 13. Cost of borrowing for commercial properties climbs higher [Bloomberg]
  14. Public infrastructure projects struggle as building costs
    increase [NYT]
  15. 15. Worries mount over how long foreign investors will keep
    their money in New York City
    real estate [NYMag]
  16. 16. Builders in Westchester try
    to survive the downturn [NYT]
  17. 17. Disabled vehicles suffer from the so-called “Empire State Building
    Effect” [NYDN]
  18. 18. Modernist Hamptons
    house combines modular homes with alternative energy technologies [NYT]
  19. 19. Older buildings eyed for greening [NYT]
  20. 20. Residents move back into downtown Lancaster, Penn. [Lancaster Newspapers]
  21. 21. M.T.A. to re-examine Fulton Street
    Transit Center [Sun]