Manhattan cools off … and more

February 11, 2008 10:18AM

  1.  1. Other than all those 15 Central Park West closings, Manhattan’s last quarter
    was less than stellar: the median price of $857,000 was above the prior
    quarter’s, but below lower than the summer’s peak [NYT]
  2. 2. Properties owned by foreign governments, like the $35
    million townhouse recently purchased by Russia, bring in no property taxes
    for the city [NYT]
  3. 3. Lone holdout stands in path of planned 39-story, $900
    million Midtown skyscraper [Post]
  4. 4. A Williamsburg public market
    on the edge of Williamsburg
    could be replaced by housing. [NYT]
  5. 5. Almost 20 law firms have set up subprime practices [Crain’s]
  6. 6. A prefabricated home arrives in Locust Point on the East Bronx waterfront [NYT]
  7. 7. A look at the homes of presidential candidates [WSJ]
  8. 8. How the Javits
    Center became a $1
    billion fixer-upper [Post]
  9. 9. Residents evicted from 475 Kent
    in South Williamsburg ask city to be allowed
    to work there during business hours [Metro]
  10. 10. The fight over St. Vincent’s
    Hospital continues [AP via Metro]
  11. 11. Former real estate agent now works as professional
    matchmaker [AMNY]
  12. 12. Nassau
    County’s Habitat for
    Humanity lacks land to develop [Newsday]
  13. 13. The struggles of a new pizzeria coping with the construction
    of the Second Avenue
    subway [NYMag]
  14. 14. The Irish return to the north Bronx
    neighborhood of Woodlawn [NYT]
  15. 15. The debate over where the East Village
    begins and ends [NYT]
  16. 16. NoMa 175, the six-story tower is at Payson and Seaman Avenues, looks more
    like the central Manhattan
    than Inwood [NYT]
  17. 17. The high cost of suburban living [NYT]