Playing the housing lottery … and more

March 03, 2008 10:47AM

  1. 1. Entering lotteries for middle-class housing in New York City means facing
    long odds [NYT]
  2. 2. Appellate court rules that Altantic Yards case must be sped up [Post] and [Bloomberg]
  3. 3. The news isn’t all bad for the New Jersey housing market [NYT]
  4. 4. City Comptroller William Thompson says the city’s pension
    funds will stop investing in residential real estate that replaces affordable
    apartments with market-rate units [REW]
  5. 5. Reverse mortgages draw complaints of high-pressure sales
    tactics and high fees [NYT]
  6. 6. Upper West Side residents take city to
    court to block supportive housing project from coming to at 319 West 94th Street [NYDN]
  7. 7. Foreclosures outpace home sales in some states [NYT]
  8. 8. Federal regulators ask courts to sanction Countrywide for
    abusing the bankruptcy system [DOW JONES/AP via NYT]
  9. 9. How con artists duped builders by pretending to be inspectors [NYT]
  10. 10. Mayor Michael Bloomberg vetoed
    a bill that would have protected prospective tenants who use rent subsidies,
    but the City Council could override the veto [NYT]
  11. 11. Watching a 150-year-old town house get replaced by a luxury
    apartment building [NYT]
  12. 12. Yonkers finalizes plans for $1.6
    billion River Park Center [Journal-News]
  13. 13. South Orange becomes a
    melting pot [NYT]
  14. 14. Rare owls complicate development on Long Island [Newsday]
  15. 15. Trial begins for developer linked to Sen. Barack Obama [NYDN]