Goodbye hair, hello baby

By Lauren Elkies | June 03, 2008 02:44PM

Commercial broker Robert Knakal, who just recently lopped off his celebrated locks, has taken another step down the straight-and-narrow path: he’s having his first child.

Knakal, the 46-year-old chairman and founding partner of Massey Knakal Realty Services, and his 30-year-old wife of one year, Cynthia, are going to find out the sex of their child next week. The baby is slated for delivery November 24.

Knakal said his recent dramatic haircut had nothing to do with impending fatherhood. 

When asked if having a child would affect the business hours he keeps, he said, if anything, “I have to work harder now. I have more responsibility.” Then he added, more seriously, “It’s not going to affect anything.”

Knakal and his wife married a year ago, this past Sunday. They live at 45 Park Avenue in a four-bedroom unit which they converted into a two-bedroom apartment with study. The couple has not ruled out having more children, Knakal said.

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