City outlines new safety agenda

June 04, 2008 05:38PM

After nine people were killed by two crane collapses since March, city leaders announced a legislative agenda today that they say will help the Buildings Department ramp up oversight of projects.

The legislative agenda focuses on high-risk construction, requiring all general contractors, along with concrete and demolition subcontractors, to obtain a safety control number through the DOB before starting any work that requires a permit.

Violations will result in contractors’ numbers being suspended or completely revoked, halting their work.

Licensed project safety monitors will be administered at sites with a history of hazardous violations. The new system is meant to track serious safety violations by firm, instead of just by construction site.

“The measures announced today will help enable the Buildings Department to hold contractors accountable to their safety records, and introduces new training requirements and safety rules in key areas, including crane operations, that will make construction sites safer,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement. “Building for the future and building safely are not mutually exclusive. We can and will do both — but public safety is our top priority.”

“City government will not sacrifice the safety of New Yorkers in the name of development,” said Council Speaker Christine Quinn in a statement. “Today’s legislative solutions will ensure the people working on and around construction sites are as safe as possible.” TRD

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