Surf’s up for Swig

By Adam Piore | June 04, 2008 10:31AM

From the June issue: With his California charisma, beaded bracelets and dapper disposition, Kent Swig is clearly a new kind of mogul. As he gets excited, he waves his arms over his paper-strewn desk, creating a blur of purple shirt sleeves, soccer ball cufflinks, and surfer bracelets. Raising his eyebrows, his voice accelerates with each new sentence. Over the last five years, Swig has poured hundreds of millions of his family’s real estate fortune into New York City buildings. And last month, he announced plans for one of his most ambitious and certainly his most high-style projects yet: the construction of a 62-story glass tower near the New York Stock Exchange that will house a 128-room, five-star “Nobu” hotel, 77 luxury condos and a Nobu restaurant.

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