Two agents jump ship back to Corcoran

By Lauren Elkies | June 12, 2008 04:39PM

Two veteran agents who teamed up on several projects at Prudential Douglas Elliman have returned to the Corcoran Group.

Marlene Steiner, an agent for more than 15 years, and Tania Arias, a broker for about 14 years, made the move to Corcoran’s East Side office at 660 Madison Avenue Near 60th Street. 

Steiner, a senior vice president and associate broker, brought with her a team of three associates: agents Alison Bradshaw and Cary Loring, and Bernie Furshpan, who directs the group’s special marketing activities. 

“I just left to be home again, basically,” Steiner said. 

Steiner jumped to Elliman in October 2003, after 12 years at Corcoran, “because I had gotten a really nice deal.” But, she added, “I just always loved the culture [at Corcoran]. The Web site is amazing. It’s a really nice environment.” 

Steiner specializes in working with international investors.

“We buy blocks of apartments and I handle a lot of apartments for these people,” she said.

Steiner would not comment on the details of her deal with Corcoran, but Corcoran President and CEO Pamela Liebman said the brokerage does not entice agents with advances or signing bonuses. “I don’t believe in it,” Liebman said.

Arias left Corcoran after 12 years in order to sell real estate in Puerto Rico as well as New York (she is licensed in both places). For a year-and-a-half, she split her time between Puerto Rico and New York working on deals in both places. Steiner handled Arias’ customers in the city while Arias was in Puerto Rico, Arias said.

Arias’ Puerto Rico business suffered as the high end of the second-home market was struggled. So she determined that New York would be her “main focus now” and that Corcoran was the right place to go.

Arias, who said she received no special deal to return to Corcoran, is not abandoning the Puerto Rico real estate market.

Liebman said she is picky about which projects get the Corcoran name.

“If the property is a right fit and we think we can bring value to the developer, we will put together a program,” she said. 

Internationally, the Corcoran Group is marketing Amanyara Villas and Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group is marketing Dellis Cay, both on Turks and Caicos Islands.

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