Green trophy homes … and more

June 23, 2008 09:42AM

  1. 1. Trophy homes are getting smaller and greener [NYT]
  2. 2. Gov. David A. Paterson and leaders of the Legislature reached
    a rare compromise on foreclosures last week [NYT]
  3. 3. A lawsuit challenging the right of landlords to rent to illegal immigrants has sparked tensions over immigration [AP via NYT]
  4. 4. Elected officials and friends and relatives of two fallen
    firefighters marched from the boarded-up former Deutsche Bank building to call
    for safety improvements [NYT]
  5. 5. Residents of East 93rd
    Street, angry about new developments, want the
    block where Marx Brothers grew up to be added to a nearby historic district [NYT]
  6. 6. A three-block stretch of Prospect Park South has one of
    the grandest residential streets in New
    York City [NYT]
  7. 7. A look at Ditmars-Steinway, the Queens neighborhood that
    runs from Astoria
    Park to La Guardia
    Airport [NYT]
  8. 8. At least 14 crane operators who failed a state test are
    still operating cranes in the city [NYDN]
  9. 9. As one Bay Ridge prep school faces foreclosure, another
    eyes its real estate [NYDN]
  10. 10. How do you buy a Manhattan
    apartment from London?
    With a broker and a high-definition video camera [NYT]
  11. 11. Residents of Peter
    Cooper Village
    and Stuyvesant Town say golf carts driven by
    maintenance workers are a menace [NYT]
  12. 12. How to buy a foreclosed home [NY Mag]
  13. 13. Borrowers who can get a mortgage are getting more
    leverage over brokers when it comes to closing costs [NYT]

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