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June 27, 2008 04:16PM

From comments posted this week on The Real Deal’s daily blog.

Non-union workers to build Brooklyn highrise
Tuesday, June 25
I look forward to a Big Rat outside the site…

Rental Prices flat in Manhattan
Wednesday, June 26
These prices are absurd. Nothing is a good deal, get a grip. What are you paying for? A city full of well-heeled empty souls? Manhattan is not so great a place to live as it once was, unless you are a member of the ‘new generation of New Yorkers’ who have no cultural history and are happy not to cultivate a new cultural scene and do not support existing cultural institutions (preferring to spend $4000 on a 2 bedroom apartment). The ‘new’ New Yorkers’ priorities are pitiful. The city has lost its soul. Period.

Condo boards investigate buyers
Wednesday, June 26
So what, the ‘new New Yorkers’ have nothing to hide anyway…BORING. Gone are the days of people who had a life (and might want to hide part of it). Remembering when Bobby Brown was turned down at 95th & 5th by the Board…

Hunger Striking Coney Mermaid speaks out against redevelopment
Wednesday, June 26
Victoria Mary Stong:
Go Savitri D.! You have the right idea. This is a democracy and ALL people need to respect that. … Coney Island will not be the way we know it if we don’t stand up against this back room tactic. No Justice, No Peace! We all must unite to keep Coney Island the historic place it is with input from EVERYONE!

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