Chinatown blocks re-zoned

By Jovana Rizzo | July 02, 2008 04:14PM

Developers are eying two blocks in Chinatown now that the city council has approved the re-zoning of the area between Walker and White streets, Broadway and Lafayette Street.

The two blocks have been changed from a manufacturing zone to a commercial zone allowing commercial, residential, retail and community facility uses, following the council’s approval last week.

Juan Reyes III, a partner at the law firm Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP, submitted the re-zoning proposal for developer 84 White Street LLC, which plans to build a nine-story residential building with ground-floor retail space on a parking lot.

“There are no manufacturers left,” Reyes said. “That’s why [the city] was in favor of the re-zoning.”

Reyes said there are no set plans yet for the residential building, because the developer had been waiting on the re-zoning.

A mix of commercial and residential buildings now house office buildings, clothing stores, some residences and a homeless shelter.