Merrill’s non-move … and more

July 18, 2008 10:05AM

  1. 1. Merrill Lynch’s pullout from the World Trade Center could actually be
    good news for Larry Silverstein, who no longer has to worry about
    redesigning for the firm. And Mayor Bloomberg isn’t worried [Post] and
  2. 2. Lawsuits could happen at the World Trade Center, as Larry Silverstein must finish all three towers during 2013 [Sun]
  3. 3. A former Upper West Side construction company owner allegedly bilked
    dry wallers, carpenters and electricians with bogus finder’s fees [Post]
  4. 4. Manhattan authorities caught an internet hotel mogul who illegally subletted and rented apartments and hotel rooms [Post]
  5. 5. The record label EMI is hunting for a new, smaller New York headquarters [Post]
  6. 6. Cottages are catching on [WSJ]
  7. 7. Freddie Mac is considering a big stock sale [WSJ]
  8. 8. U.S. permits and groundbreakings for new homes increased unexpectedly in June, thanks to a New York City fluke [NYT]
  9. 9. Rep. Charles Rangel said he will ask the House ethics committee to
    examine whether he had violated any rules by using a Congressional
    letterhead to raise cash for the building of a new City College
    educational center that bears his name [NYT]
  10. 10. JPMorgan Chase reported  that its second-quarter income dropped 53 percent, as home loan losses hit borrowers with strong credit [NYT]
  11. 11. The Lincoln Center is seeking a donor for its planned  $22 million visitor center [Sun]
  12. 12. LIRR tunnel reaches Grand Central [NYT]
  13. 13. Citigroup reported that it lost $2.5 billion, or 54 cents a share, in
    the second quarter, as losses tied to bad loans and subprime
    investments grew [NYT]
  14. 14. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have seen their political influence wane [Bloomberg]
  15. 15. Gov. Jon Corzine yesterday signed what supporters called a landmark law to build affordable housing in New Jersey [Star-Ledger]
  16. 16. Home construction hits its lowest level since 1991 [Newsday]