Russians roll in … and more

July 21, 2008 10:36AM

  1. 1. Russian tycoons are looking for real estate in Manhattan and elsewhere [NYT]
  2. 2. Unfinished homes are for sale in Connecticut [NYT]
  3. 3. Gov. Paterson and Rep. Charles Rangel aren’t the only prominent people with rent-stabilized apartments at the Lennox in Harlem [Post]
  4. 4. Assembly leader Sheldon Silver said he could support a property tax cap
    if Gov. Paterson guarantees that schools will get enough funding
    [Post] and [Sun]
  5. 5. Thieves in brownstone Brooklyn are stealing metal gates, possibly to sell as scrap [NYT]
  6. 6. Circumstances might have changed, but America’s debt culture is nothing new [NYT]
  7. 7. The credit crisis has widened the gap between elites and regular borrowers [NYT]
  8. 8. Answers to questions on rent stabilization from Joel E. Abramson, a longtime housing lawyer [NYT]
  9. 9. Starbucks plans to close 11 stores in New York City, including six in
    Midtown and one on Staten Island, while 14 will close on Long Island

    and [NYDN] and [NYT] and [Newsday]
  10. 10. The Brooklyn Brewery is struggling to find a place to expand [NYT]
  11. 11. Amityville has a collection of Victorians, colonials, Capes and small ranch homes [NYT]
  12. 12. The City Bank-Farmers Trust Building might be only 59 stories, but it
    was planned to be the second-tallest skyscraper in the world, after the
    Empire State Building. [NYT]
  13. 13. Insurent, a new company, offers to insure the rent on an apartment,
    making it easier for new college grads and newcomers to rent in New
    York City [NYT]
  14. 14. A Web site called has become a clearinghouse of architectural innovations [NYT]
  15. 15.
    While Rep. Charles Rangel’s four rent-stabilized apartments made
    headlines, lawyers say the practice of renting multiple stabilized
    apartments isn’t unheard of [NYT]
  16. 16. It’s been one year since Countrywide’s downfall and the mortgage meltdown began [Post]
  17. 17. Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Paterson have called on the Port Authority to
    make the memorial at Ground Zero its top priority at the World Trade
    Center site [Post]
  18. 18. A look at West 104th Street, between West End and Broadway [Metro]
  19. 19. Coney Island watchers are sad to see rides packing up already [Metro]