Halstead joins firms on Atlantic Avenue

By Lauren Elkies | August 01, 2008 02:09PM

Halstead Property is opening its third office in Brooklyn, on Atlantic Avenue’s “Antique Row” in Boerum Hill.

The firm’s new storefront space will be at 495 Atlantic Avenue, down the block from real estate brokerages Fillmore Real Estate, Nancy McKiernan Realty and Boerum Hill Realty.

Nancy McKiernan said she sold the building to Halstead. The building sold last month for $1.6 million, public records show.

Halstead will be moving 25 agents and staff into the 1,300-square-foot space, after renovations are complete by the end of the year.

Halstead first arrived in Brooklyn in 2004.

“It’s really going out toward BAM [Brooklyn Academy of Music] where a lot of the development is going on,” said Diane Ramirez, Halstead’s president. The firm’s offices in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill “are a little tight,” she said.

All three offices will be managed by Bess Dulany, who last year became director of sales for Halstead’s Brooklyn division, when the company bought Harbor View Realty, a small family brokerage in Brooklyn where she had been president.

McKiernan said her firm, which has three agents including her, has been doing well despite the surrounding competition because she said each company has its own niche. Fillmore puts a greater emphasis on listings further into Brooklyn in more suburban areas, and the majority of Boerum Hill Realty’s business is rental, she said. Her firm covers residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate in brownstone Brooklyn.

McKiernan, who said she would only consider being bought out by a local firm, said she does not think that Halstead’s arrival will hurt her business. McKiernan said she can count on getting referrals after 25 years in the business. And she said another brokerage office will only draw more potential customers to the area, as they meander down Atlantic Avenue looking at real estate ads posted in the windows.